Watch the Teaser for David Lowerys The Green Knight Short

David Lowery released one of the most acclaimed films of 2021 with “The Green Knight,” a gorgeous adaptation of Sir Gawain’s tale in Arthurian legend. Now, Lowery has returned to his version of Camelot with “Oak Thorn & The Old Rose of Love,” a short film exclusively made for the original film’s collector’s edition Blu-ray.

The 20-minute film stars Jackie Earle Haley and Sylvia Hoeks as the two main characters, entities possessing great knowledge who begin to share their learnings with one another. Although the story has no explicit ties to the original “Green Knight,” which starred Dev Patel as Gawain, the film is set in the same beautifully rendered version of Camelot seen in Lowery’s original film and is based on an Arthurian tale.

Lowery shot the short film this summer, and in an interview with Collider said it would never be released legally online, saying, “I’d already been thinking about adapting this particular story, and as we were coming up with ways to make the Blu-ray extra special, I thought it would be nice to have an adjunct movie on the disc. I love physical media, and loved the idea of having this short film that would never be released online, that would only ever be available on the big screen or on this disc. I’m sure someone will rip it right away, but in theory this short film is an exclusively physical object.”

“The Green Knight” collector’s edition is available for pre-orders on A24’s online store. In addition to “Oak Thorn & The Old Rose of Love,” the Blu-ray also includes a commentary track from Lowery, a behind-the-scenes documentary of production, a short documentary on the film’s score, featurettes exploring the film’s VFX and costumes, and deleted scenes. The Blu-ray also comes with a book that contains an excerpt of the original “Sir Gawain and The Green Knight” poem with annotations by Lowery, and costume sketches from the film’s designer Malgosia Turzanska. The collector’s edition Blu-ray will ship starting November 30.

Watch the teaser for “Oak Thorn & The Old Rose of Love” below.

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