Vikings season 6 part 2: Will Kjetill Flatnose become King of Iceland?

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Vikings season six part two is returning to Amazon Prime Video on December 30 and the final 10 episodes will pick up with Ubbe’s (played by Jordan Patrick Smith) voyage to Iceland. He had teamed up with the mysterious Kjetill Flatnose (Adam Copeland) and the wanderer Othere (Ray Stevenson) on an adventure to find the ‘Golden Land’. In the first half of season six, fans learned of how dangerous Kjetill could be, and there is a chance he may become leader of Iceland.

Will Kjetill Flatnose become King of Iceland?

The second half of season six will be the final instalment in the Vikings saga and fans are curious to find out what happened to the settlers in Iceland.

Ubbe had left his home of Kattegat along with his wife Torvi to explore new lands and, hopefully, track down their lost friend Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård).

Kjetill Flatnose, one of Floki’s fellow settlers, had returned to Kattegat to tell Ubbe of Floki’s disappearance.

He then took Ubbe to Iceland to show him their discovery, and start a new mission to discover the ‘Golden Land’.

Ubbe started to grow suspicious of Kjetill, convinced he had something to do with Floki’s sudden disappearance.

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Viewers noticed how Kjetill started to change once the settlers had arrived in Iceland. He did not agree with Floki’s leadership methods and he started to fall out with the other families.

Kjetill even went as far as to slaughter an innocent family, and this resulted in Floki abandoning the group out of shame.

There is a chance Kjetill wanted to deliberately drive Floki out so he could become the new leader – or even king – of Iceland.

He and his family had joined the expedition to make a name for themselves and regain some family honour.

The want for power has driven Kjetill to make terrible decisions so far, and he will not stop until he achieves it.

Many fans have predicted Kjetill followed Floki and ended up killing him, ridding himself of any obstacles.

With Floki gone, the remaining settlers were looking for a leader they could trust, and Kjetill has tried to convince them he is the best person for the role.

Some fans believe Kjetill’s mind has been poisoned by something on the mysterious land, as they found his sudden change in character disturbing.

Theveryrealfitz said on Reddit: “What made Kjetill turn sour? 1. Kjetill always followed and listed to Floki. 2. He fears and respects the gods.”

They also said that in times of hardship, Kjetill was one of the only people to remain strong, and they could not see the precursor to his sudden change.

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Fans are convinced Kjetill knows more about Floki’s disappearance than what he has revealed, and they are keen to see what motive he has for holding information back.

Kjetill had already spoken to King Harald (Peter Franzén) about the prospect of becoming king of Iceland, but he realised Harald no longer cared about his wishes once he was in charge of Norway.

Mcmanus said: “Harald was promising everything to everyone, he said he’d send people to Iceland for support. Kjetill then realises that 1.Harald is going to kill Bjorn, which he, having fought with Ragnar and Bjorn before will have reservations about even if Bjorn is threatening him every 2 seconds.

“2. Harald was just joshing, he dismisses the Iceland plead once he is king and Kjetill realises he’s got nothing from the deal.”

There is no knowing what lengths Kjetill would go to in order to become king, which makes fans excited for the final episodes.

Actor Copeland is on Instagram and he shared a poster for the final episodes, with the message: “Time to set sail again. For the last time. The final season. December 30. #vikings”

Fans responded to the post with plenty of questions about his character, with one saying: “Omg we’ve been waiting, feels like forever, you know you could just tell me what happens [sic].”

Some went on to call his character “manipulative” as they have started to see a dark side to Kjetill.

The final episodes were filmed two years ago, back in 2018, so fans have had to wait a long time for the truth to come out.

Vikings season 6 part 2 launches on December 30 on Amazon Prime Video

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