Victoria season 4 will be 'an absolute humdinger' – but when does it start and what spoilers has writer Daisy Goodwin let slip?

GOOD news for fans of ITV's Victoria – it WILL be back for a fourth series.

But it looks like tragedy will strike the royal household and someone WILL die – here's the lowdown on season 4.

WARNING: Contains spoilers from the final episode of Victoria season three

What spoilers has Victoria writer Daisy Goodwin let slip about season 4?

Writer Daisy Goodwin has spoken excitedly about the return of the show for a fourth series, but she has revealed there will be a death.

Many are speculating that it will be Prince Albert, as iN real-life he didn't live past the age of 42, and in season 3 he is aged around 30 to 31.

Daisy told Digital Spy said: "I am working on series four at the moment and that's going to be an absolute humdinger, because… well, you can go to Wikipedia to find out!"

Revealing tragedy will strike she added: "Somebody might die in it – spoiler! So, that is going be a great challenge and is going to be an amazing, really good story.

"Somebody dies and someone new comes on the scene, so there is a lot to play with there. I've really got back into it and am really enjoying writing it."

As well as ramping up the excitement for the coming episodes, Daisy also talked about Victoria's longevity as a TV show: "There is so much more to tell, and even [Victoria's] deathbed was the most fantastic drama of all time,"

When will Victoria season 4 start?

The show has traditionally started in August but in 2019, it broke that trend by starting in March.

With this in mind, the new series will return to our TV screens in March 2020.

There is also likely to be a festive edition of the show which, if it goes ahead, will air on Christmas Day 2019.

What has happened so far in Victoria season 3?

Starting in 1848, the third instalment of the lavish drama depicted a turbulent and uncertain time for both Europe and the monarchy.

With revolutions on the continent and the Chartist movement reaching its peak in London, Victoria was under pressure from the government to leave London for her own safety and headed to Cornwall.

Upon their return, and with the arrival of Victoria's estranged sister Feodora Victoria and her husband Prince Albert saw their marriage put under pressure, and started to drift apart.

Luckily they pulled through with Victoria supporting Albert's project to build the Great Exhibtion in Hyde Park.

This series also saw an outbreak of cholera sweep across London killing thousands, including the Queen's beloved Head Dresser and confidant Nancy Skerret.

Another arrival to series three was Lord Palmerston, who has spent the entire series trying to undermine the Queen.

Will Jenna Coleman continue to play Victoria?

Jenna WILL be back for season four – but this could be her last series.

While the actress says she would love to portray an older Victoria, the chances are she will be recast.

Jenna told Digital Spy: "You see me on screen now with seven children but she is only 30, so I'm only just playing 30, 31, now."

"But obviously there's definitely going to be a point where [I need] four hours in make-up. That's going to be a really heartbreaking thing."

Who else will be in the cast of Victoria?

Although the cast hasn't been confirmed, here's who is likely to be joining Jenna:

  • Tom Hughes – Prince Albert. The role of Prince Albert is played by Tom Hughes. His character becomes ill in the finale of season 3, so will season four be his last? he continues to battle with his position as the Queen's spouse.
  • Laurence Fox – Lord Palmerston. Laurence  could return as the "charismatic and wayward" Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston.
  • Kate Fleetwood – Feodora (Queen Victoria's sister). Kate was new to series three and plays Victoria's sister Feodora. In season 3 she stirred up a lot of trouble.
  • John Sessions – Prime Minister John Russell.  John was also new to season three as well. Before filming the show he starred in The Loch.

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