Tyrone discovers his mum is not dead as Cassie detonates bombshell in Corrie

Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney) is set to return to Coronation Street soon, and this time she turns Tyrone (Alan Halsall)’s world upside down by revealing that she’s his mum.

This naturally comes as a shock to Tyrone, because he believes that his mum is dead. When his grandmother Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) came into his life she revealed that the woman he’d thought of as his mum, Jackie Dobbs, wasn’t his mum at all – Evelyn’s daughter Cassie was.

What Tyrone is about to discover is that Cassie couldn’t look after him when he was a baby because she was – and still is – a heroin addict. Recently Cassie was admitted to hospital after taking an overdose, and Evelyn reluctantly decided to help her get clean.

Borrowing money from Roy (David Neilson), Evelyn told Cassie that if she wanted any hope of getting to know Tyrone and his daughters she’d have to stop taking drugs and sort her life out. Cassie promised her mum that she was ready to take this step in her life and mother and daughter left the street together.

They haven’t gone far, though, as future episodes see them moving into a rented flat at the precinct. Evelyn gets a message from Tyrone about the girls’ show at the bistro, but decides she can’t go because it isn’t safe to leave Cassie on her own.

She’s clearly right about that, because after Cassie persuades her to let her pop out for a coffee Evelyn finds her purse is missing.

She guesses where her daughter will have headed and hurries to the bistro – just in time to hear Cassie telling Tyrone that she is, in fact, his mum.

‘I don’t really think she’s thought about the consequences. She blurts it out,’ Claire Sweeney told us. ‘I think she just wants to tell the truth. And she wants him to know. And she hasn’t thought about how it might affect everyone involved. Obviously it is going to be a huge shock for Tyrone, but she is prepared to take that chance.’

Evelyn is appalled at the huge mess Cassie has created as Hope (Isabella Flanagan) and Ruby (Macy Alabi) excitedly quiz Tyrone about their new grandma, asking when they can meet Cassie.

Tyrone is conflicted. While he would love to get to know Cassie he’s wary of letting her into their lives. He gets some advice from Abi (Sally Carman) and Kevin (Michael Le Vell), with Abi telling him that introducing a recovering addict into the girls’ lives would be a bad idea.

Claire told us that Tyrone is right to be wary. ‘She is determined to do her best to try and stay clean but at the end of the day she’s an addict. Addicts fall off the wagon sometimes. And she would do everything she can within her power but it’s an illness. And she can’t always control it and it isn’t going to be easy for any of them.’

On the other hand, there’s a lot to explore for the character going forward.

‘She’s got the feistiness with her mother but she’s also got the vulnerability with her. Then she’s got the love with Tyrone, and then the newness and the wonderment of being a grandma,’ Claire explained.

‘It is really great and satisfying to play such a character that has so many sides.’

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