TV star reveals secret feud with Chris Eubank who 'hated her from day one' on set of new reality show | The Sun

SCARED Of The Dark star Donna Preston has revealed her secret feud with co-star Chris Eubank – saying he "hated her from day one".

The actress, 36, said that she and the former professional boxer, 56, didn't see eye to eye during their time in the bunker.

While other co-stars confessed that Chris may have ruffled a few feathers during his time on the Channel 4 show.

"We didn't know who was going to be in there – I think I knew everyone," Donna said.

"But with Chris Eubank, I was like 'oh my god, it's Chris Eubank, this is amazing'.

"But he shot me down. I think I was like 'oh my f* god, absolute legend' and he was like 'absolutely not'.


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"I think he just hated me from day one, but that's okay, that's okay, some people don't like me."

Donna was not the only one that received a frosty reception from the sports star.

Comedian Chris McCausland, 45, said being in a confined space with the boxing champ had its challenges.

"It's difficult as you kind of have an idea of what Chris Eubank is link and he is exactly like that but he didn't surprise me but he was more Chris Eubank than Chris Eubank would be," he said.

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"You're used to soundbites of Chris Eubank, imagine it just constantly and it was really interesting.

"There is a real story that evolves and we all have our ways of interacting with him and there are a few confrontations along the way.

"I don't really want to give anything away about how those relationships develop and what people say to each other.

"I spent a day handcuffed to him, 24 hours, a whole day, I couldn't get away from him."

He went onto praise his other contestants especially football legend Paul Gascoigne for being a genuine guy.

"We all know Gazza is like, his vulnerabilities, it was really heartwarming and so open," Chris said.

"Gazza just wore everything on his sleeve and let everyone in and it was really interesting to see, he's made some bad decisions in life and has also been treated like s*** as well and it shows him in a different light.

"These guys were just themselves, just funny. I'm in there as a comedian, Nicola is a boxer, not everyone can box, not everyone can act. But everyone can be funny, I felt like everyone was stealing my territory."

The five-part series, hosted by ex-EastEnder Danny Dyer, will be shown from April 16.

Danny also had his say on Chris, saying he was often left fuming when his co-stars used expletives.

"It was interesting the swearing thing because he bol***k me but it was cut out but I swore and he sort of give it to me about swearing.

"I then encouraged every other person to swear when they walked in they were like 'f hell' and I could see him cringing."

It comes after The Sun revealed that Chris quit the reality show because he was not allowed to smoke cannabis on set.

Others braving the dark include England footballer Paul Gascoigne, TV presenter Scarlett Moffatt and The Wanted singer Max George.

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