TV presenter leaves co-stars in horror after unexpected nosebleed on-air

TV host appears to suffer ‘nosebleed’ on air

During Tuesday’s episode of the Australian talk show The Project, host Sam Taunton left his co-hosts in horror after an unexpected nosebleed.

As the show returned from an ad break, the other stars looked visibly shocked as they watched him cover his nose.

When blood started to pour, the 30-year-old said: “I’m sorry, I’m feeling a bit faint. Oh my God.”

Although guest Celia Pacquola was unsure of the situation that unfolded as she smiled at Sam and questioned how true the nosebleed was.

She asked the presenter: “Are you serious? Are you pranking me?”

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Moving him out of the way so he could clean himself up, she joked he was “fired” and took his spot at the desk.

Sitting next to her, Sam continued to have blood on his face as he laughed at what was happening.

Celia swiped: “Seriously? You’re a piece of s**t. Is that serious?”

However, it looked as though the fiasco was a prank as he replied: “No, it’s not real!

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“Or is it real? No, it’s not real. Does anyone have a towel?!”

After being passed something to clean the fake blood up, Celia asked the crew behind the camera if they were ok.

She said: “Is anyone else being like, ‘Is this serious?’ It’s really not serious, you’re ok.”

Sam confessed that the crew were in on the prank all along, knowing what he was going to do on the show.

Once the situation was under control, Celia joked: “It’s good to know that in an emergency, my instinct is to step over the corpse!”

It looks as though Tom’s prank was in reference to Celia’s role as the new host of the rebooted Australian show Thank God You’re Here.

The series, which last aired 14 years ago, saw guests walk through a big blue door and improvise in an unexpected scene with actors which often lead to hilarious results.

After Tom’s impromptu nosebleed, co-host Kate Langbroek asked: “Did that bring back the joy of walking through the door?”

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