Trump Says Fox 'Totally Lost Its Way,' Blames Board Member Paul Ryan

“Fox will never be the same!” says former president as news channel sees ratings wins

Lindsey Ellefson

Ryan, of course, is on the board of Fox Corp., Fox News Media’s parent company, which has no editorial oversight when it comes to the news network Trump has been attacking since at least 2015 — four years before Ryan joined the parent company’s board. Trump still regularly appears on Fox News Channel.

Fox News, for what it’s worth, is doing well in the ratings, according to Nielsen Media Research ratings data. Second quarter to date, its total-day ratings average was 1.211 million, with 209,000 of those viewers in the advertiser-coveted age demographic of 25 to 54. By comparison, CNN’s total-day ratings average second quarter to date sits at 698,000 total viewers and 177,000 demo viewers while MSNBC’s average is 901,000 for total-day viewership and 124,000 in the demo.

Trump’s comments came a day after Ryan gave a speech urging fellow Republicans not to rely on the “appeal of one personality.” He didn’t mention Trump, but headlines — including one from the Washington Post, which Trump also hit in a Friday statement — said he did, just “not by name.”

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