Too Close viewers spot trousers blunder during Dr Emma Robertson sex scene

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Too Close fans were slightly confused during Monday's series launch of the ITV drama, when two lead characters launched into a sex scene.

The steamy romp took place on the kitchen counter, but viewers couldn't understand how forensic psychiatrist Dr Emma Robertson appeared to keep her trousers on throughout the act.

Dr Emma, played by Emily Watson, arrived home just before her husband and was impacted by the remarks made by one of her patients, Connie Mortensen.

Determined to prove to herself she had a happy sex life with her husband, she initiated sex in the kitchen, with the pair kissing on the counter.

Watching the sex scene play out, viewers were convinced Dr Emma hadn't taken her trousers off, as they wondered about the logistics of the act.

One Twitter user wrote: "How come she still had her trousers on?!"

"Wow sex without even taking their pants down !" added a second.

And a third chimed: "Okay… so he is not 'intimate' with her… reason for her trousers being in place."

Too Close is based on Clara Salaman's book of the same name, with the three-part series airing over consecutive nights.

Dr Emma has been assigned to work with Connie, a woman accused of a horrific crime, but who claims she can't remember anything.

As Dr Emma carries out consultations with Connie, she begins to become obsessed with her case, crossing a professional boundary.

The official synopsis reads: "Dr Robertson is not easily shocked. She’s worked with her fair share of high security patients. However, when she’s sent to assess Connie for trial the two women become dangerously close.

"Connie has a searing insight into Emma’s deepest insecurities and starts to brutally exploit them. Their sessions become a complex psychological game with confusing undercurrents.

"Emma tries to understand Connie and her complicated relationship with her beautiful best friend, Ness Jones, which seems to have made her snap. But as Emma tries to uncover the truth and learn what triggered Connie’s despicable behaviour, it seems that her attempts to see justice done may destroy her instead."

Too Close continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV.

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