Tiger King's Erik Cowie slams fans for accusing him of taking meth

Netflix dropped a brand new Tiger King episode on Easter Sunday, titled Tiger King And I, after the new Joe Exotic series became a global phenomenon.

And while talking about the now iconic documentary, presenter Joel McHale spoke to the show’s heroes, including the likes of head zookeeper, Erik Cowie.

Following the main saga’s release, fans have taken to social media where they accused the star of dabbling with meth.

However, the big cat fanatic has hit back at rumours, and assured viewers that he is ‘clean living and loving Jesus.’

‘I haven’t seen it,’ Erik confessed when asked what he makes of the famous Tiger King. ‘I need to because I need some ammunition for some things that come out of people’s mouths.’

Addressing the memes that have since emerged from the show, he continued: ‘I don’t know where they’re coming from or what.’

Turning his attention to online trolls, Erik hit out, adding: ‘No matter what anyone says, yeah, my teeth are jacked up I’m sorry, I’m old man,  it’s what happens, and it’s going to happen to you.

‘And no, I don’t do meth, I never have, I like sleeping too much. I used to have a drinking problem and now I do not.

‘So yeah, f**k you all man.’

The key players of Tiger King were all asked whether or not Joe Exotic should be a free man, after he was served a 22-year jail sentence for animal abuse and conspiring to kill his rival, Carole Baskin.

‘No,’ Erik told the camera. ‘Not no, but f*** no. 22 years doing federal time – that guy’s gonna die in there. Good riddance.’

Meanwhile, Saff, another former staff member at the GW Zoo in Oklahoma, wasn’t quite so harsh about Joe’s fate.

Later on in the episode, he said of Exotic’s sentencing: ‘I think justice was served, but I still don’t want to see that man die in prison.’

The original Tiger King series dropped on Netflix on 20 March. It explored the life and times of Joe Exotic: a businessman and big cat enthusiast currently in prison for his involvement in the murder-for-hire plot concerning an animal rights activist.

The Tiger King And I is available to stream on Netflix.

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