This Morning psychologist says Jeremy Kyle guests know what they’re getting into

This Morning psychologist Emma Kenny has come to the defence of The Jeremy Kyle Show , saying it shoudn't be banned by ITV.

The fate of the programme could be known later today, with ITV bosses due to make an announcement.

The show was dramatically pulled from the schedule on Monday after the death of a guest, who overdosed days after appearing on the show.

Steve Dymond died days after he failed a lie detector test after trying to prove he hadn't been unfaithful to his fiancée June Callaghan.

He was left devastated.

The show was dropped from the schedule on Monday and is off the air indefinitely, while a review is carried out.

All previous episodes were also pulled from the ITV Hub.

But Emma says the show is not to blame and that those taking part know exactly what they're signing up for.

She took to Twitter to say: "If @ ITVJeremyKyle gets banned then you better be ready for a hundred other shows to follow. You may not like it, and you certainly don’t have too, but people have a right to watch and a right to be a contributor. That’s democracy and freedom of choice right there."

She added: "It’s this mentality that all the contributors are completely vulnerable idiots who wander blindly onto the set COMPLETELY BLIND to the show, only to be bullied mercilessly by the audience and staff. It’s bizarre. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch and don’t apply."

Her comments sparked a debate.

One person who agreed with her said: "Wholeheartedly agree Emma, as someone who's been in the studio audience the team do an amazing job sadly in this occasion something obviously went wrong."

Another added: "There is A LOT more to this story than people first realised, the guy unfortunately had a lot of issues. People know Jeremy's presenting style when they apply for the show'

But one who didn't agree told her: "Politely disagree Emma. They are vulnerable working class people being exploited by a wealthy man who was born in to privilege. It's vile and the issue is not one of free speech in my humble opinion. Ethics are everything."

Another said: "When I read this tweet i thought you had been hacked. It's not the sort of statement I thought i would read from someone in your profession. I'm all 4 free will but some people are not mentally stable enough to cope with the likes of Jeremy Kyle & you should know that."

Emma responded: "If you ban this show then you need to ban all the other shows that affect people and the list is endless. My personal opinion is irrelevant. I’m being honest. You and I will avoid lots of sensational shows right? Does that mean we get rid of them all? That’s what I’m saying."

A petition to permanently cancel the show has been signed more than 62,000 times.

At the time of writing, a  petition on website 38 Degrees  has 62,306 of its required 75,000 signatures.

The petition is calling on ITV bosses to axe the show for good and has accused it of making "entertainment out of suffering and humiliation".

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