The Rovers is in danger as Jenny’s rescue plan collapses in Corrie spoilers

Coronation Street's iconic pub The Rovers is in danger, as Jenny Bradley's rescue plan collapses – the show spoilers have revealed.

Last week on the cobbles, viewers watched as landlady Jenny started to worry about how the pub is going to survive.

In an attempt to get extra cash in the till, Jenny organised a darts night, but none of the residents turned up. The tough times mean that Jenny has had to put her prices up and cut shifts as she tightens her belt.

Now in Monday's episode, 7 August, Jenny comes up with a night that will hopefully rescue The Rovers. They throw an event to impress the Newtons from the brewery.

However, Jenny and her stepdaughter Daisy Midgeley are left gutted when resident entertainer Glenda Shuttleworth admits that she has lost her voice and can't perform at the event.

Looking to save the day, Glenda books a singer Glyn Young and that leaves Philip Newton impressed.

When an elderly man with a hearing aid arrives at the pub for the event, it sends Glenda, Jenny and Daisy into a panic. Will the event be a success or will it flop?

Before the end of Monday's episode, Henry breaks the news to Jenny that after looking at the books, the brewery will not be buying the pub. He then hands Jenny the contact details of a developer.

What will Jenny do with the pub?

The trouble doesn't end there on the cobbles as young Eliza Woodrow heads out to meet the man she has been talking to on her phone. She lies to her grandad Stu Carpenter and says that she is going to a holiday club.

It isn't long before Stu finds out that there is no holiday club, and he can't find the youngster anywhere. When he does find her, he spots her with a strange man at the precinct.

Elsewhere, viewers will recall murderer Stephen Reid murdered businessman Rufus Donahue a few months back. He may think he has got away with it, but when Rufus' widow Lou calls at the factory to cancel a meeting as it is her husband's inquest the next day, Stephen starts to panic.

Lou informs him that she has called the Gazette as she suspects foul play in his death. Stephen manages to hide his panic, but when he is alone in the factory, he has a look through the press articles to see if he can find anything about Rufus' death.

Completing Monday's episode Bernie Winter has found a massage table in the skip and is going to start earning some extra cash. What could possibly go wrong?

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