"The Closer": Watch Promo for Dave Chappelle Special (Video)

Buckle up


Who better than Morgan Freeman to narrate the teaser-trailer for your final Netflix standup comedy special? Well, maybe someone who will “shut the f— up,” if you’re Dave Chappelle.

On Monday, Netflix released a teaser for Chappelle’s upcoming sixth and final (under his current deal, at least) streaming stand-up comedy special. It features Freeman’s masterful voiceover layered on top of scenes where Chappelle is driving an old pickup truck down country roads. The promo soon features Freeman’s face and body, too, after Dave declares “Will you shut the f— up, Morgan Freeman?”

You see, Freeman was doing his deep (both in terms of thoughts and actual voice tone) yammering from the passenger seat the whole time!


Watch the teaser via the video above.

Like the previous five Chappelle specials (“The Age Of Spin,” “Deep In The Heart Of Texas,” “Equanimity,” “The Bird Revelation” and “Sticks & Stones”) for Netflix, “The Closer” is directed by Stan Lathan.

“The Closer” premieres globally on Netflix on Oct. 5, which is tomorrow.

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