The Chase viewers sent into meltdown over team’s incredible victory: ‘A rare occurrence!’

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The latest instalment of The Chase saw Alex, 37, Steve, 52, Alisha, 33, and Mo, 60, welcomed onto the show by host Bradley Walsh, who wished them luck against chaser Paul Sinha. The team of four played incredibly well with everyone earning over £6,000 in the cash builder round and successfully outrunning the Sinnerman. By playing strategically, all four made it to the Final Chase to play for a share of £29,000.

The foursome worked well together as they managed to answer 22 questions correctly.

Bradley warned them they’d likely need some pushback as Paul would easily be able to catch up with them.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the Sinnerman’s day as he answered a total of four questions incorrectly.

The team went on to answer three correctly meaning they executed three pushbacks successfully.

This gave the team an advantage as the Sinnerman ultimately ran out of time and was unable to catch up to the four players.

As the clock stopped, Bradley was quick to congratulate the team on their success.

“Four attempts to pushback, three executed,” he stated. “Well, well played.”

“£29,000 take it,” he continued. “You have outrun the chaser brilliantly, you’ve not been caught. Well done.”

Paul went on to congratulate the team too and praise their team work.

“I’ve got no complaints,” he declared. “You were superb and deserve the money.”

Bradley added: “I wish you the best. What a fantastic show this is.”

The team were elated and all hugged one another as they celebrated their jackpot win.

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Those tuning in at home were also happy for the team and took to Twitter to share their congratulations.

“A rare occurrence – a great team performance #TheChase,” one shared.

Another posted: “Well done team brilliant performance. #TheChase.”

A third tweeted: “That was brilliant! Fantastic team today on #TheChase.”

Someone else added: “They smashed it! I just wish they’d all gone for the higher offer, they would have still out done him.

“Entertaining watch. Must be such a good feeling to say you’ve beaten the chaser. #thechase.”

A fifth continued: “They must be one of the best teams there’s ever been #TheChase.”

The Chase airs weeknights on ITV at 5pm.

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