The Blacklist’s Aram returns as Red on the run in season 10 premiere

The Blacklist: Trailer teases final season

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The ninth season of The Blacklist concluded with the sad departures of agents Aram Mojtabai (played by Amir Arison) and Alina Park (Laura Sohn) after the team took down yet another dangerous international criminal. When the series returns, Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (James Spader) will be laying low in New York before the final, epic season of the NBC drama gets underway.

Red is sporting a new beard and longer hair in the latest sneak peek at The Blacklist’s season 10 premiere.

The TV thriller will finally return to screens this Sunday for what is promised to be a gripping final mission for Red and the FBI.

Strangely, the informant seems determined not to be recognised when his old colleague Aram spots him from across the street.

In a new clip released by Entertainment Weekly, Aram shouts at Red to get his attention, but his old boss ignores him and slips into a taxi.

However, he does look up for a split second and glares at the agent just before he drives away.

Aram quickly gets on the phone with assistant director Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix), as Red is currently not supposed to be in the city.

“I’ve been getting settled but I’m good, I’m really good. I’m great actually,” Aram tells Cooper.

Fans will be eager to know the agent’s current situation after leaving the team last season, but Aram may have more pressing matters to attend to first.

Cooper is stunned to learn Red is apparently in New York, as he was still waiting for his return from Guatemala.

“I saw him,” Aram confirms. “Outside the MET, across the street from the museum.

“He was just walking. No security, no car either. I called out to him and he saw me and then he just got in a cab.”

Cooper clearly feels betrayed by the news, as he had been expecting Red to check in with the FBI whenever he returned to the States.

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“Things were pretty good with Reddington before he left. We’d agreed to be more forthcoming with each other,” he said.

Just as Cooper starts pressing for more details, their conversation is interrupted when a huge explosion erupts from a nearby window.

Whether or not the explosion is connected to Red won’t be revealed until The Blacklist returns on Sunday night, leaving viewers with plenty to ponder over the weekend.

Some fans have even speculated Red wanted to be spotted by Aram, possibly to set up an alibi while some private business is taken care of.

Whatever the case, the new clip sets up an intriguing season opener for The Blacklist and the twists and turns will undoubtedly keep coming over the following weeks.

It’s currently unknown how much Aram will feature in the new season, as the series regular had temporarily departed the show for a stint on Broadway.

In the meantime, newcomer Siya Malik (Anya Banerjee) will be on hand to help Red before their inevitable reunion.

The Blacklist season 10 premieres Sunday, February 26 on NBC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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