The Andy Cohen Diaries Reveals the Host's 'Super Confidential Stories' in New Quibi Trailer

Andy Cohen is giving fans a chance to "get up close and way too personal" with his new Quibi series The Andy Cohen Diaries.

On Tuesday, the streaming platform released the first official trailer for Cohen's new animated show, revealing that Celine Dion and other A-list stars will make appearances.

"I'm Andy Cohen and these are real stories from my diaries," Cohen says at the beginning of the clip.

"After 10 years of hosting a talk show, I feel like my audience and I are connected besties," Cohen says as the clip shows famous moments from his hit Bravo show Watch What Happens Live.

"And now I'm doing the one thing I've been told not to do, share all of my super confidential stories," Cohen continues.

"Get up close and way too personal, with appearances from Celine Dion, George R. R. Martin, multiple housewives, the Kardashians and Sarah Jessica Parker drinking cosmos, which makes every gay bone in my body tingle," Cohen shares.

Cohen explains he will be dishing on his most "embarrassing" stories throughout his career, including "Who is the most famous person I farted in front of?"

“I’m so excited to start writing more adventures in my diaries, and animated, short installments represent the perfect format to bring these to life,” Cohen said in a statement.

The show is said to be the visual third installment of his best-selling books, The Andy Cohen Diaries and Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries.

Along with starring in the project, Cohen will also serve as executive producer.

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