Teen Mom Kayla Sessler vows to never let ex Stephan Alexander see their son again after his mom SHOVES her in fight

TEEN Mom Kayla Sessler lashed out at Stephan's mom after an altercation turned physical in a promo for this week's episode of Young and Pregnant.

Kayla recently revealed that her ex hasn't seen their son Izaiah since he was a year old.

In a preview for an upcoming episode of the show, the reality star sat down with Stephen's mother, Annette before an argument ensued.

The incident prompted MTV security to intervene to separate the two as their words escalated to a physical fight.

The clip shows Kayla fishing cash out of her wallet and throwing it at her baby daddy's mother saying it was payment for the clothes she claimed she purchased for the toddler.

Annette then took a swing at Kayla, while security continued to hold her back.

"Hit me then. I'm not going to hit a grown a** woman and go and get in trouble, f**k that," Kayla replied as she walked away.

Once security was able to calm her down, Izaiah's grandmother took the money that Kayla tossed at her and ripped it into pieces.

Kayla responded: "Go rip up the money. I don't want to hear nothing about those cheap a** clothes."

Think about that while throwing some more money at somebody," Annette said.

The TV star proceeded to call Stephan demanding that he pick up his mother as she explained the situation.

Overhearing the conversation, Annette began to walk back towards Kayla as the two got into a screaming match from over the fence.

Security again rushed in between them as they both approached the fence to keep them apart.

Annette had a few more choice words for her grandson's mother saying: "You want me to leave you alone? Not a problem, I left you alone. Goodbye."

Kayla, still fuming, repeated "You will never see him," while Annette agreed saying: "I don't want to see him, it's done. You already made it clear. So there's nothing for us to see."

Still on the phone with Stephan, Kayla relayed the message to her child's father telling him that he is forbidden to see the toddler as well.

Annette yelled back, "I guarantee you he's going to see him," as she walked away.

Kayla then retreated to her car and called her fiancé Luke Davis to help her cool down.

"I'm so f***ing mad. I'm crying because I'm mad," she told Luke.

Annette is then seen talking to the camera saying "She can have her, her family and her baby. I'm just done. I can't do it."

During Kayla's conversation with her fiance, she begs him to tell her "not to touch her" fearing how she would appear in court if Stephen decided to fight for custody.

"How is that gonna look in court if Stephan takes me to court and I whooped is f***ing momma's a**?," she asked.

"They gonna look like I'm f***ing stable and unfit," she added.

Luke appeared to calm her down encouraging her to leave the scene.


Kayla has had a rocky relationship with Stephan since giving birth to their son three years ago.

The father of one has not been a consistent figure in Izaiah's life, and in a recent Q&A with fans, she revealed that he has been out of the picture for some time.

After a fan asked when they last saw Stephan, Kayla replied: "Remember the scene last season where I took Izaiah to the park to meet Stephan?

"Yeah, that was the last time. I was still pregnant with Ariah and Zay was only one."

The star's followers also asked if her fiancé, Luke Davis, has plans to adopt Izaiah as his own.

"Do you think Luke would want to legally adopt Zay somehow?" one asked, as she replied: "We cover this topic on the new season."

However, Stephan made an unexpected reappearance on the first episode of the new season.

During Izaiah's third birthday party, a visitor arrived with a gift and a long note for the toddler from his estranged father.

Kayla was upset by the gesture and refused to read the note.


Lately, the exes have been airing their issues on social media as Kayla slammed Stephen for paying only $11 in child support.

Stephan took to his Instagram Stories to clap back writing: "Remember what go around come around. Mfs be tuff [sic] Tony with a camera around.

"Mfs be living too much of that persona life they don't remember where they came from.

"If only Mfs was talking like this when I gave af about drama. But imma let y'all talk y'all just keeping me relevant cause nothing else is important for Mfs to talk about."

However, Stephan later denied that his complaint was targeted at his ex after a fan account re-shared the post.

He said: "Every last one of you people on this post need stop tryna to make anything I say into Kayla and Luke you heard them they not worried about me and I would like for it to remain that way less drama all around.

"This post isn't about what they said about me because I could honestly care less about what they say or y'all say about me y'all have a nice night though."

In a second comment, he added: "Y'all just want mfs to be into it. If I wanted to say something to Kayla or Luke I would just say it to them."

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