Stranger Things season 3 first look hints ‘one boy can change everything’ as Billy the bully gets Hawkins’ female swimmers sweating by the pool

STRANGER Things' first look wasn't quite what fans were expecting as it focuses on Billy the bully and Mike and Nancy Wheeler's mum Karen.

The very eighties teaser shows Karen – and the rest of the swimming pool visitors – swooning over the hot lifeguard as he steps out on duty.

Sprawled on a sun lounger, the married mum-of-two and the rest of her gal pals eagerly await Billy Hargrove's arrival.

When they spot the female lifeguard descend the ladder, they quickly get ready for the hunk to appear – and his entrance doesn't disappoint.

The character – played by Dacre Montgomery – shows off his ripped torso and very eighties hairdo as he circles the pool.

Reminding viewers just how unlikeable he is, he blows his whistle and dramatically threatens to ban a child for life for running.

But his attitude changes when he passes Karen Wheeler and her pals.

He flirts: "Nice swimsuit, Mrs Wheeler," before a flustered Karen breathlessly thanks him.

It's a huge hint that the pair may embark on an affair in the third series – with the Duffer Brothers having planted the seed for the plot in the second season.

There was certainly chemistry between the pair when Billy stopped by Will's house to pick up his younger sister Sadie.

Then there were clues the housewife was feeling sexually repressed when she was seen reading an exotic novel in the bath.

While the violent character was pretty much loathed throughout the entire series, they finally learned where his aggression stemmed from at the end of the season when he was attacked by his abusive father.

A separate snap on the Stranger Things Twitter page also cryptically teased: "One Billy can change everything."

Stranger Things returns to Netflix on July 4.

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