Spoilers: Liam dies in shocking Hollyoaks scenes

Liam Donovan’s (Jude Monk McGowan) reign of terror was inevitably going to end with at least one death in Hollyoaks, but the young man evidently didn’t expect it to be his own, as — following a series of unexpected events during his devilish dinner party — Grace Black (Tamara Wall) freed him from her grip, and he plummeted to his death in The Dog’s cellar.

After taking sworn enemies Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe), James (Gregory Finnegan), Maxine (Nikki Sanderson) and Grace hostage during the previous episode, Liam ensured his devil’s dinner party got underway, as he invited his guests of honour to take up their seats at the table he’d prepared.

They did just that, and — afterwards — Mercedes questioned his motives as to why he’d brought them all here.

Liam wasted little time in revealing his plan, but as Grace begged him to reveal Sylver’s (David Tag) whereabouts, he delighted in antagonising James by revealing he’d also taken John Paul (James Sutton).

Determined to let the events play out as he wanted them to, Liam informed James and Grace that they could set off in search of their vanished lovers, and he set his timer — giving them three minutes to locate the missing mainstays.

If they failed to do so, he revealed his intention to shoot Maxine.

A horrified Maxine feared for her life as the pair set off — against the clock. They searched the flat above, but were unable to find them — instead, locating a present.

When they returned, Liam encouraged Grace to open the gift, while he pulled the curtain behind him to reveal Sylver and John Paul — both of whom were bound and gagged.

Grace opened the gift to find a large screen grab of the video of both she and James confronting Jesse (Luke Jerdy) — and suddenly the pieces all fell into place, as it became apparent that Liam knew that Jesse knew who shot Mercedes — a fact which would inevitably lead to his death.

As Mercedes attempted to work out what it all meant, Liam decided to do the honours, as he revealed that James and Grace shot her — leaving The Dog landlady speechless.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Warren (Jamie Lomas) recuperated following the beating Liam’s thugs carried out, but when he got wind of Mercy being trapped in her pub with Liam via Goldie (Chelsee Healey), he set off to rescue her.

With John Paul and Sylver having heard their lovers’ conspired to kill Mercedes, Liam decided to move John Paul and James to the cellar below so that they could have their little lovers’ tiff, while Liam gave Mercedes the opportunity for the ultimate revenge — promising that if she shot Grace, he’d let everyone live.

A terrified Grace awaited her fate as Mercedes pointed the gun at her, but she soon moved to weapon to Liam’s direction — before she realised it wasn’t a real gun, something that Liam took great delight in.

Meanwhile, John Paul managed to free both himself and James from the cellar, and as they tip-toed back to the pub, they bumped into Warren — who’d gained entry via the flat above.

Warren provided a distraction by wrestling Liam to the floor — giving all of the captives ample opportunity to escape — as the police arrived outside.

However, Liam managed to apprehend Mercedes once more, but Grace came to the rescue, and during the scuffle, Liam fell through the door of the cellar, but Grace took hold of his tie — leaving him dangling between life and death.

Liam begged for his life, but Grace reminded him that — in spite of popular opinion — she’s a Black, not a Donovan, and — determined to put an end to his terror — she let go of Liam’s tie, resulting in him falling to his death.

Outside, the captives took solace in the fact that they escaped with their lives, but — with the police circling — and Grace having made a life changing decision, what does the future hold for the characters in question?

Hollyoaks continues Thursday 26 March at 7pm on E4.

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