Spoilers: Every EastEnders spoiler revealed as soap returns with huge week

After a history-making three month hiatus, EastEnders returns to screens with a bang — not to mention with a week’s worth of drama that promises to change the very landscape of the soap as we know it.

The BBC One soap was forced to go off the air after production halted as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Episodes were subsequently rationed out, but the final instalment aired on June 16.

Three months have passed not only for us, but also for the residents of Walford, who struggle to adjust to a post-lockdown world, and there is plenty of drama in store for them as a result.

Mick and Linda Carter (Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright) begin their new chapter outside of The Queen Vic, while Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) and Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) settle into their life behind the bar.

However, there are shock developments aplenty, huge revelations and game-changing moments in the first four Series Two post-lockdown episodes — all of which could change everything.

If you simply cannot wait to see what’s coming up, then sit back, relax and enjoy as we reveal all that you can expect from EastEnders’ thunderous return.

Sharon discovers the truth about Dennis’ death

With the police investigation into the boat crash having now concluded, the Queen Vic bust is now back in her rightful place on the bar.

However, Ian’s happiness is short-lived, as Sharon reels upon setting her sights on that very bust — as memories of the crash come flooding back.

She asks whether any of Denny’s belongings had been returned, and this question leaves Ian feeling terrible.

Meanwhile, Dotty’s (Milly Zero) court hearing — in regards to her arrest at Ruby’s, which viewers will remember was orchestrated by Ian — arrives.

Ian and Dotty came to an arrangement amid the hiatus, and the Queen Vic landlord changed his statement in return for Dotty’s silence about Denny.


However, Dotty is unable to keep shtum following another run-in with Ian, and therefore storms into The Vic and tells Sharon that Ian is the reason Dennis is dead.

Sharon reels in disbelief following the young woman’s revelation, as Ian attempts to defend himself.

The question is: who will Sharon believe?

Mick and Linda Carter’s new chapters revealed

A post-lockdown and post-Queen Vic world finds the Carters with problems aplenty.

Linda is working at the Launderette, while Mick is relentlessly job hunting.

Mick reveals to Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White) that he’s desperate for work, and therefore she offers him a permanent job at the Prince Albert.

Tina shows him around the bar, but as she does so, Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) is doing the same with Frankie (Rose Ayling-Ellis).

Wires are crossed, and therefore Kathy and Tina decide to battle it out in regards to who gets the job, but Mick decides to drop out — allowing Frankie to pick up the victory.

However, Tina isn’t too pleased about such a development.

Later, Mick reveals to Linda that he let Frankie have the job and that he’ll find something better, but Linda reminds him that the money from the sale of the pub won’t last forever.

Callum is caught between love and duty — aka Ben and the police

With Ben having had his cochlear implant fitted, the day for the implant switch on arrives, and Callum is determined to be there — no matter how busy work is.

Meanwhile, Ben is ready to take the next step in regards to his relationship with Callum, and therefore plans to make a huge commitment by presenting his lover with his own key to the Mitchell household.

However, the pair’s happiness is put in jeopardy once more, as Callum is tasked with analysing through CCTV footage from a warehouse job, and he is stunned when he recognises the figure in the shadows. Yep, it’s Ben.

Callum’s boss reveals that he’s intent on taking down Danny Hardcastle (Paul Usher), and thus wants all evidence of his involvement in the warehouse job found, which means that any one else associated with the hard-man could be in trouble.

At the hospital, Ben wonders about why Callum has not yet arrived, but he’s unaware that his beau is trying his best to hold off getting the grainy image from the CCTV enhanced.

Callum eventually arrives, and he’s just in time to see the switch on.

Later, Ben is annoyed, as it becomes apparent that Callum is distracted — will he reveal what’s bothering him?

Apparently not, as the young copper claims that he’s just got work on his mind.

However, he seemingly comes up with an idea to test Ben, and therefore reveals that his bosses are investigating Danny. Ben fails the test by responding with an evident lie, which results in Callum storming off.

As a result, Ben loses all of hope that he and Callum will ever move in together.

That is, until they both apologise to one another, and when Ben puts two and two together — realising that his boyfriend’s mood was in relation to Danny and his lies — Callum demands the truth.

Chantelle has enough of Gray and seeks help from Kheerat

Fed up with Gray’s (Toby-Alexander Smith) abuse, Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) decides that enough is enough, and thus meets with one of her husband’s rival law firms in an effort to seek out the best divorce lawyer going.

However, she soon discovers that the process is more expensive that she initially thought.

Meanwhile, Gray controls Chantelle’s every move, as he installs a tracking app on her phone, before acquiring her credit card.

Chantelle decides to take a huge risk, as she asks Kheerat (Jaz Deol) if he could lend her the money she needs, but she’s unaware that he’s struggling financially.

In spite of his troubles, he agrees to give her as much money as he can — and ultimately does just that — but he pushes her to reveal what she so desperately needs it for.

Chantelle eventually comes clean, revealing that the cash is for a divorce. The businessman is shocked, but he promises to do whatever he can to help her, and the two ultimately share a moment.

However, Gray soon comes to realise something is afoot, as a divorce lawyer advert pops up on his laptop.

The next day, Chantelle sets her plan in motion to escape with the kids, as the solicitor heads out to work.

Ruby takes shocking action, as she and Martin make their relationship official

Prior to the hiatus, the chemistry was aplenty between Ruby (Louisa Lytton) and Martin (James Bye), and when the soap returns, we discover that the pair have made their relationship official.

Kat (Jessie Wallace) isn’t too pleased, and she struggles to resist making a few snarky comments as a result.

However, in spite of this new beginning, there is more hardship ahead for Ruby, as she discovers that someone has stolen her identity, and have thus been making outlandish purchases.

Determined to handle the situation, she refrains from telling Martin.

She battles with the bank over the fraudulent charges, but she brushes it off when talking to her new beau.

When Vinny (Shiv Jalota) quizzes her about the reopening of the club, Ruby reveals that she can’t really estimate a timeframe given her finances aren’t in the best place.

However, Vinny suggests a way to sort matters, seeing as the club is ensured.

Ruby thinks on this, and with her money continually being drained, she tells him that she’s in on his plan to claim on the insurance, and reveals that she’ll be out, and the club will be empty — with a full safe.

After giving it some more thought, Ruby reconsiders her position on the matter. However, as she tries to call Vinny off, it’s too late, as he’s already breaking into the club.

Martin spots the burglary and chases Vinny into the Minute Mart — and dangerous consequences ensue.

Vinny calls Jag’s (Amar Adatia) for help, and — later — Jags arrives with Suki. He isn’t pleased about such a development, but Suki demands that he leave.

What has transpired?

Jags and Habiba face more conflict

Habiba (Rukku Nahar) and Jags are evidently still dating, and Jags reveals that he wants to tell his mum tabout their relationship.

However, they’re interrupted by Iqra (Priya Davdra), and Habiba makes an excuse to hide the truth — which ultimately leaves Jags hurt.

Frankie impresses Tina

As Frankie begins her employment, Tina gives her a hard time, as she’s evidently still upset that Mick turned down the position.

She puts Frankie through her paces, but is later taken aback when the young woman ends up impressing her.

Kathy issues Ian with a warning over Max

Kathy has words with Max about the restaurant, but he reveals that sold his half to Ian so that Rainie wouldn’t be entitled to his share in their divorce.

Having seemingly realised what Ian has done, she warns her son that when Max finds out he used his money to buy The Queen Vic, he won’t be too pleased!

EastEnders returns Monday September 7 at 8.05pm on BBC One.

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