Spoilers: Debbie and Tracy have an expensive fight in Corrie

Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) in Coronation Street has tried to convince the Weatherfield residents she is to be trusted following her business plan with dodgy Ray Crosby (Mark Frost).

Since Debbie discovered all of Ray’s crimes, she managed to get the majority of the residents’ properties and businesses back but had a problem with David’s (Jack P Shepherd) house which led to a bidding war between him and Tracy (Kate Ford).

Debbie refused to take Tracy’s initial deal because of David and Shona’s (Julia Goulding) financial situation, so in upcoming episodes, no doubt out for revenge, Tracy’s mocking leads to an expensive fight between her and Debbie.

Debbie invites Abi (Sally Carman) and Sally (Sally Dynevor) to the bistro where she’s provided drinks and a selection of wedding dresses to try.

Tracy knocks back the wine and mocks Debbie’s taste.

Eventually, Abi tells Debbie she doesn’t want her charity but as their row escalates, Debbie accidentally sits on some food, staining one of the dresses.

When Debbie reveals that the beetroot-stained dress costs £5k, Abi’s horrified.

At Tracy’s suggestion, Abi chucks a glass of prosecco over the beetroot stain but it only makes matters worse.

Debbie is fuming, but who will pay for the damaged dress?

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