Spoilers: Dana kisses Peter in EastEnders but how far will they go?

Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith) turns her attention away from Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) in upcoming EastEnders episodes as Peter (Dayle Hudson) continues to catch her eye.

Following Peter’s attack, something Ben (Max Bowden) was responsible for, he returns to work at Walford East this week.

However, as Peter currently remains unaware Ben brutally beat him, he’s very on edge, wondering if his attacker could strike again.

Peter’s paranoia makes his first day back at Walford East a bit of a disaster.

Seeing him struggle, Dana approaches and suggests she be re-employed at the restaurant so she can help out.

Next week, Peter learns the truth about his attack by Lewis (Aidan O’Callaghan), who’s seeking revenge after Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) sacks him from his job at The Albert.

After confronting Kathy, Peter tells her that in order to prove her loyalty to him, she must report Ben to the police.

Later on, following their heart-to-heart, Dana covers for Peter when Kathy tries to find him.

When Dana finds a touching gift from Bobby, she assumes it’s from Peter.

As Dana approaches Peter, she completely misreads the situation and leans in for a kiss – but how will Peter react?

Does he feel the same?

And what will this moment do to Bobby, who currently has no idea Dana is crushing on his brother?

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