Snowflake Mountain: Where is Rae from Snowflake Mountain now?

Snowflake Mountain: Trailer for Netflix reality show

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British contestant Rae Hume, 25, from Kent was the most positive spirit out of her fellow kidults on Snowflake Mountain. Always easy-going and up for a laugh, Rae helped to keep up the morale among her peers. Her can-do attitude saw her promoted to the show’s first Wilderness Warrior by Snowflake Mountain hosts Matt Tate and Joel Graves.

Where is Rae from Snowflake Mountain now?

Although Rae missed out on the big cash prize awarded to the most changed snowflake, she seemed to have come out of the process a different person.

Rae admitted she’d been left “baffled” how her parents had managed to hide from her the truth about Snowflake Mountain when they’d signed her up to the series, which sees a group of privileged young adults pushed out of their comfort zones on a survival course in the wilderness.

Speaking about life after Snowflake Mountain, Rae said: “I used to ring my mum and dad and ask their opinion to sort of gain my own and being there, I had to do that myself.

“You learn to back yourself and find your voice a bit more and be like, ‘No, I’m going to trust what I’m saying, what I’m doing’.”

Rae said there had been times during her time on Snowflake Mountain where she doubted whether she’d done the right, such as nominating some of her fellow kidults to spend the night at Last Chance Lake because they weren’t pulling their weight in camp.

She went on to explain: “I’ve come away from that experience appreciating everything my mum and dad have done for me.

“But also my mental health improved from going on something like this because I gained so much self-respect and I started back myself a bit more.”

She added: “I started believing in myself. I loved it. I loved every second.”

Rae revealed she had made firm friends on Snowflake Mountain with the rest of the cast. The group is now planning to meet up in New York at some point soon for a private reunion.

Although Netflix hasn’t confirmed a second season of Snowflake Mountain, Rae hoped there would be a renewal with her and her friends trying to survive the elements in a new location like the Sahara Desert or Antarctica.

The star also revealed she’d received an overwhelmingly positive reception from audiences and had been inundated with messages of support online.

Rae recently appeared on ITV’s This Morning, where she spoke about taking part in Snowflake Mountain and confessed she wanted to pursue a career in television.

On what she was up to next, Rae said: “I’m doing a lot of manifesting to go into this direction.”

She continued: “But I would just really love to go into TV work. I felt like I finally found my purpose. When I put the mic on, I thought, ‘If I’m not myself I’m going to to hate this.’

“And two seconds into being miked up, I knew exactly where I’m supposed to be and I finally got that burn back in my belly that I’d been missing for years.

“I think that was one of my learning things because I had no direction at that time and I think I was sort of going with the flow of life and muddling through.”

Adding: “I felt like when I was there [on Snowflake Mountain], that was supposed to be.”

She said she would ‘love to work with ITV” and Snowflake Mountain was an accurate representation of her along with the rest of her peers.

Rae said: “When I saw it, it represented all of us. I couldn’t believe how well it represented all of us.

“It really did and it hit everyone on the head. Everyone was everyone, like that’s how it was. That was the dynamic.”

Snowflake Mountain is streaming on Netflix now

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