Sir David Attenborough joins Instagram and gets 181k followers in just 30 minutes

SIR David Attenborough has joined Instagram for the first time today and has racked up 181k followers in just 30 minutes.

In his debut post, the 94-year-old national treasure says that he’s made the move onto Instagram because “saving our planet is now a communications challenge".

He adds: "We know what to do, we just need the will.”

In his first post, which has already been watched over 33,000 times, he makes a direct address to camera from the great outdoors.

“The world is in trouble”, he says.

“Continents are on fire. Glaciers are melting.

"Coral reefs are dying. Fish are disappearing from our oceans. The list goes on and on.”

Fans rushed to praise the TV legend for joining the social media platform.

"Welcome to IG! What a momentous day! Excited to finally watch and listen to information I trust implicitly on here!" one fan commented.

"We love you Sir David!" another wrote.

In the coming weeks, the naturalist will be sharing messages to explain the current problems facing life on our planet – and the solutions to help us deal with them.

Earlier this month Sir David proved that after more than 60 years on TV, his passion for the natural world is greater than ever.

The national treasure is a man on a mission and believes the planet CAN be saved from global warming — and without us giving up life’s pleasures.

Arms outstretched on the table, he gestured up with his hands, as if conjuring hope, and told Sun readers: “The fewer demands we make on the planet’s resources, the better.

“We do that in terms of food, in terms of energy, in terms of being respectful to the environment. We can do lots of things.”

In new film David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet, he looks back at his astonishing broadcasting career, which began in 1952 at the BBC.

In the documentary, which will be released in cinemas on September 28 then on Netflix later this year, Sir David bears ­witness to the devastation of the globe’s wildernesses at each stage of his working life.

When he fronted his first TV show, 1954’s Zoo Quest, the planet’s ­population stood at 2.7billion. Now it is 7.8billion, according to the UN.

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