Shetland spoilers: Is Tosh dead?

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Shetland is back on BBC One on Wednesday and fans will finally learn of Alison ‘Tosh’ McIntosh’s (played by Alison O’Donnell) fate. She was caught up in a huge explosion at the end of the previous episode, with her life left hanging in the balance. The synopsis for the upcoming episode confirms whether she survived the ordeal.


Is Tosh dead in Shetland?

Shetland fans were left up in arms after they believed one of their favourite characters had been killed off.

They have been calling for Tosh to replace Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) after he steps down at the end of season seven.

But her fate was left up in the air at the end of the latest episode when she was seen trying to escape from a caravan.

The caravan exploded into flames before the credits rolled and viewers were left thinking she had died.

The BBC press office then tweeted: “Is it the end for Tosh? Find out when Shetland returns next Wednesday.”

There is a high chance she survived the ordeal unscathed, as she is listed in the upcoming episode’s credits.

This would be a huge relief for viewers as the character was a fan-favourite in the series. 

However, just because her name is in the credits, this does not mean to say she appears alive. It could be her lifeless body on screen that warranted a name credit for Alison. 

Having uncovered Connor’s (Nicholas Nunn) isolated caravan, she set off to investigate and made some disturbing discoveries.

She said: “There’s something strange going on. It’s like there’s something rigged up in here. There are all these cables.”

Realising it was a bomb, she tried to make her escape but was seemingly unsuccessful.

Alison previously teased Shetland season seven would see one of the regular characters facing mortal danger.

At the time she left their identity anonymous but it has since been revealed she was referring to her own character.

She said: “This series is jam-packed with twists and high-octane drama. It’s not to be missed!

“Our guest cast is absolutely outstanding, as ever, and there are some big moments for the core cast too, with Perez’s ending and another series regular being thrown into serious jeopardy.”

The upcoming episode’s opening moments will confirm what happened to Tosh. 

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As for what else fans can expect in the upcoming instalment, the synopsis reads: “Perez issues a warrant for Connor’s arrest, to the outrage of Rachel Cairns.

“The complexity and size of the bomb suggests Connor was planning some kind of attack. The team speak to those who knew him in search of extremist beliefs.

“Jamie, Murray and Lloyd reject any notion that Connor is capable of violence, but a despairing Danny admits environmental issues made his son angry.

“Meanwhile, Sandy searches for William Rodgers’ reason for being in Shetland.”

Fans took to Twitter following the harrowing cliffhanger to share their thoughts on Tosh’s fate.

Jess said: “Please PLEASE tell me she got out and we just didn’t see. They can’t kill my girl Tosh.”

Harry added: “I’m driving to Shetland to see if Tosh is okay because I can’t wait until next Wednesday to find out #Shetland.”

Lynne shared: “#Shetland we have to wait a week now? That’s seven days without sleep and worrying about Tosh! Thanks writers. Thanks a bunch.”

Hopefully, Tosh will be sticking around for at least another episode.

Shetland airs on BBC One on Wednesdays at 9pm.

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