Sex/Life stars confirm season 3 ‘up to the viewers’

Sex/Life: Trailer for season 2 of Netflix series

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The latest season of Sex/Life wrapped things up for two core couples with a fairy tale ending, leading many fans to speculate if the series had come to an end for good. However, after another six scandalous episodes hit Netflix at the start of March, the cast is still eager to spend more time between the sheets if the series continues to prove popular.

Shahi and her co-stars confirmed they’re all willing to return for more Sex/Life if enough subscribers tune in to the second season.

The shockingly sexy drama returned with more romance and plenty of action in the bedroom earlier this month, and fans quickly devoured all six episodes.

In season two, Billie Connelly (Shahi) begins another fling with a new man, Majid (Darius Homayoun), but struggles to balance their relationship with spending time with her kids.

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Brad Simon (Adam Demos) is having trouble with his record label and new girlfriend Gigi (Wallis Day), and the biggest shock came when Devon (Jonathan Sadowski) loses his penis in a car accident.

Thankfully, the swinger is blessed with a new set of equipment, and the cast are hopeful Sex/Life will also come back bigger and better than ever in the near future.

When pressed if season two would end the series, Demos confirmed: “We weren’t told anything like that.

“Hopefully it resonates the same way it did in season one, and then you just wish for the best!”

The first season of Sex/Life became a huge word-of-mouth hit for Netflix, partly thanks to Demos’ character flaunting his manhood in the show’s now infamous shower room scene.

Netflix’s second instalment has attracted similarly positive reviews so far and has remained at the top of the streamer’s UK chart since its release last week.

As for the chances of a third season, Shahi told TV Insider: “It’ll be up to the viewers.”

After a strong response to the second outing, Sex/Life is definitely in a good position for the streamer to keep Billie’s story going.

Sasha Snow star Odette added: “I think the thing we care about most is how our viewers ingest the show and how much they love it. So as long as that happens, that’s the gravy.”

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The stars of Sex/Life should be confident about a potential return given the reactions to season two.

However, fans of the series might be surprised by the plans to continue after both Billie and Adam and Sasha and Kam (Cleo Anthony) tied the knot.

Ahead of the premiere, creator Stacy Rukeyser explained: “This season is, ultimately, a fairy tale – a sparkly fun, deliciously sexy one.

“So those looking for more daring, empowered, female-gaze sexuality and TikTok-worthy watercooler moments will not be disappointed!”

“There are stunning surprises for both Team Cooper and Team Brad, while Sarah Shahi continues to shine as Billie, and act as a surrogate for women (and men) everywhere who have ever wondered, ‘What if?’”

Rukeyser’s fairy tale references were certainly accurate considering the second season’s happy ending, which also revealed Billie was pregnant with her third child.

Even so, fans will still be fascinated to find out how she and Adam’s married life will fare over the next nine months following an undoubtedly hot and heavy honeymoon.

Sex/Life seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix.

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