Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers as Chas cheats on Paddy with Al Chapman | The Sun

THE Dingles are at a loss for words and actions following Faith's cancer bombshell.

Sadly, this leads to Emmerdale stalwart Chas Dingle to cheat on her husband Paddy. Get the lowdown on all the drama.

1. Faith makes a heartbreaking decision

Faith Dingle (portrayed by Sally Dexter) is celebrating her birthday at The Woolpack in the hopes of mending her relationship with her son Cain when she tells her family her cancer has returned.

After weeks of secrecy, the character reveals she doesn't have long left to live.

However, she's ready to accept her fate and makes a heartbreaking decision this week.

Following the ill-fated birthday party, Faith tells her daughter Chas (played by Lucy Pargeter) that she doesn't want to carry on with her chemotherapy.

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2. The Dingles are at war

Devastated, Chas refuses to see her mother face cancer without putting up a fight.

She therefore decides that it is up to her brother Cain (Jeff Hordley) to get through to Faith – but the tough man remains stoic to her pleas.

Chas eventually manages to sway Faith into resuming her treatment but she's heavily in denial, unaware that Faith didn't want to make that decision.

This leads to an argument between Chas and Cain with the latter calling her out for making Faith's decision for her.

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In later scenes, Chas expresses concern when she asks Faith if she's happy with her decision.

Faith stays strong for her daughter but her mask slips as soon as she leaves, knowing she only made her choice to reassure her.

Instead of opening up, Faith tries to make light of her condition and focuses on the positives, which troubles a fretting Chas.

In later scenes, however, and after a secret epiphany, Chas meets with Faith at The Woolpack.

She apologises for pushing her to follow through with her treatment and the pair soon embrace.

3. Cain attacks Liam

Although he appears unfazed by Faith's health condition, Cain's short temper gets the best of him this week.

Upon finding out that Emmerdale GP Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) knew all about Faith's cancer, Cain attacks him, pushing him to the ground.

As viewers know, only a handful of village residents knew Faith's life is at risk.

These include Liam but also nurse Wendy Posner… and Cain's own wife, Moira (Natalie J. Robb).

Will Cain be making himself some new enemies in the Dales?


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4. Chas cheats on Paddy

As Chas processes the shock of Faith's news, she turns to another man for comfort, forgetting all their differences.

But this won't be her husband Paddy (Dominic Brunt) who feels helpless and unable to support her when she's clearly distraught.

Instead, Chas receives support from Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) as they both open up about their respective families.

This probably won't sit well with Cain who has had an ongoing feud with the businessman.

But a sympathetic Al comforts Chas and reasons with her, suggesting that she be more honest with her mother so they can both face the reality of her death.

This prompts the Woolpack manager to apologise to her mother for pushing her to go through chemo.

But when Paddy brings home hospice flyers, Chas takes out her frustrations on Al after he suggests she’s taken it the wrong way.

Once again, Al offers his support, promising Chas he can be the shoulder she needs to lean on.

Chas thanks him and the pair share an intense moment as she encourages him to open up and relax.

Al and Chas soon pop a bottle of wine open and, wanting to forget everything, bond over stories of Faith.

But there's romantic tension in the air and, upon leaving, Chas stumbles onto Al – before they share a kiss.

What's next in store for the former rivals as their bond takes a turn?

5. Suzy and Leyla butt heads

Meanwhile, Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) is still failing to overcome her cocaine addiction.

But her demons get the best of her friendship with Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough), who has tried to push her to quit.

When Jai Sharma's old dealer finds her at Take A Vow, she accepts a deal on some drugs.

Guilty but excited Leyla hides two bags of coke from an oblivious Suzy.

At the Hide, coked up Leyla offers to pay for everyone’s food as suspicious Suzy watches on, aware that Leyla isn't herself.

Suzy chastises Leyla for her drug use and the wedding planner defends her acts, happy to see she's getting away with everything.

Leyla gets her lost card back when a concerned Jai returns to her – leading her dealer to blackmail her into getting Jai back in his books.

She is then given a choice between persuading Jai back into the fold or getting her cocaine supply entirely cut off.

When Suzy recognises the dealer from the day before, she orders him out, leaving Leyla without a source of drugs.

An argument ensues with Leyla chastising Suzy for cutting her off.

Desperate for a fix, Leyla crosses a line when she mentions Holly Barton's death when Suzy refuses to give her the details of her own dealer.

Leyla sinks to a new low when the idea of blackmail enters her mind.

Threatened with the idea of Moira finding out about her link to Holly, Suzy is reeling and begrudgingly hands over her dealer's number.

But this comes at a cost for Leyla – Suzy vows that the two of them are done.

Will Leyla ever see sense?

6. Leyla's secret is exposed

But while Leyla continues her rampage in a bid to score some cocaine, her husband Liam is onto her after being convinced she's suffering from PTSD.

He first sees her with her dealer but soon picks up on signs that something isn't quite right.

In later scenes, after Leyla calls Suzy's dealer, Liam ponders her recent mood swings and comes to a conclusion.

Has he figured out what's going on?

7. Sam makes a decision

Away from the explosive drama caused by Faith's cancer news, Sam Dingle (James Hooton) has been trying to treat his wife Lydia (Karen Blick) to a caravan.

Coming up, however, he's blindsided when Lydia reveals a brochure of expensive caravans.

Seeing they’re nothing like the cheap one he’s already bought her, Sam is upset and makes a sad decision.

Sam chooses to scrap the caravan he’s bought for Lydia in fear that it won’t be good enough for her.

But when Lydia cottons on, she forms a plan.

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What will she do and how will she react to Sam's idea?

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