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THE cobbles will welcome a new face this week as one resident reunites with a family member.

However, tragedy will also strike in Coronation Street and one villain is desperate to keep his actions a secret.

1. Daisy faces her stalker…

As teased by soap bosses, Daisy Midgeley (portrayed by Charlotte Jordan) is tracked down by a stalker.

Her ordeal continues this week on ITV when Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) shows her another bouquet delivery with her name on it.

When Daisy’s phone rings with an unknown number, she’s seriously unnerved.

Daisy and Daniel discuss the mystery stalker and the missed call on her phone.

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In later scenes, Daisy's stalker Justin calls at the Rovers and explains that they met at the hospital weeks ago amid her cancer scare.

He then asks Daisy if she liked the flowers but denies calling her, leaving her dumbstruck.

Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) sends Justin packing but when Daisy rings the number that has been calling her she is shocked when her mother Christina walks in with her phone ringing.

2. … and reunites with a family member

Soap star Amy Robbins makes her Corrie debut this week as the newcomer.

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Jenny enters the pub and is taken aback to see Daisy sitting with her estranged mother.

But their reunion won't be panning out well and tensions quickly arise between both women.

Daisy receives a box of chocolates with a note saying “Sorry!” and assumes they’re from her mother.

When Justin approaches her and reveals that he sent the chocolates, Daisy’s shocked.

Christina reckons she should be flattered, which only annoys Daisy, particularly as she's getting ready to tie the knot with on-off partner, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

When Daisy spells it out that she doesn’t want her at the wedding, Christina’s shocked. 

In later scenes, Christina calls at No.1 but Daisy makes it clear she wants nothing to do with her and heads out.

Christina hands Daniel a necklace that belonged to her mother and tells him she’d like Daisy to wear it on her wedding day.

The Weatherfield schoolteacher takes it upon himself to reunite Daisy with her mother.

He tells fiancée he’s booked a table at the bistro to cheer her up, with a shock plan in mind.

Daisy arrives at the Bistro dressed to the nines, but is furious to discover that Daniel’s duped her into having dinner with Christina.

What will she do?

3. Horror stabbing in the cobbles

Griff Reynolds has left a massive imprint on life in the cobbles as one character keeps his horrific legacy going.

The racist thug portrayed by Michael Condron was recently responsible for a bomb being found in Weatherfield.

Despite being arrested by undercover copper Spider Nugent, it's clear his terrible actions will have a lingering impact.

Coming up, Daryan calls in the café with some flyers promoting a refugee drop-in session at Speed Daal.

He even suggests to Max Turner, who Griff took under his wing, he might like to join them – but the troubled lad is disparaging and walks out.

In later scenes, David Platt prepares dinner, oblivious to his adoptive son Max on his phone who is listening to Blake outside the local restaurant delivering a racist rant.

To make matters more harrowing, Blake vows to put a stop to the drop-in session at Speed Daal.

The racist activist later heads into the restaurant, secretly filming himself and it's clear his target if none other than Maria Connor.

Meanwhile, the local politician is unaware of Blake and delivers a passionate speech to welcome the refugees and offer them support.

Max understands what Blake is up to but will he tell anybody?

Unfortunately for the lad played by Paddy Bever, trouble is still looming on the horizon.

In later scenes, Max tells Gail and David how Blake made out to the police that it was his videos that inspired him to go on a stabbing spree.

An alarmed David calls Adam and Sarah Barlow to No.8, ordering Max to show them his videos.

They're all shocked at the array of racist material on Max's computer and warn him he could be charged with Encouraging Terrorism.

Max could be thrown behind bars for a decade-long sentence.

David and his mother Gail watch Max's videos in horror when they're interrupted by a knock at the door.

DS Swain enters and tells them Max is arrested on suspicion of incitement to murder.

What's in store for Max?

4. Tyrone is caught cheating

Evelyn Plummer (played by Maureen Lipman) is the first Weatherfield resident to realise something is wrong in Tyrone's marriage to Fiz Stape.

The pair, respectively portrayed by Alan Halsall and Jennie McAlpine, walked down the aisle on Christmas Day.

But when the Underworld machinist heads out, telling Evelyn she's off to stay with her mother, the elderly woman is shocked to see her grandson failing to kiss her goodbye.

Evelyn later clocks Tyrone suited and booted, climbing into a car and is convinced he's about to embark on another affair.

She approaches Roy Cropper (David Neilson) and tells him to fire up the Woody, knowing they have to put a stop to his caper.

Both characters follow Tyrone to a hotel bar and spot a blonde lady parking herself at his table.

Evelyn is horrified when she sees him squeezing the unknown woman's thigh.

Little does she know that there's a chance she's making a huge mistake.

In earlier scenes, Fiz opens up to Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) about her sex life as they're working in the Underworld factory.

Fiz tells her colleague that her sex life with Tyrone is in a rut, which prompts Sally to suggest role play.

Sally and her own husband Tim have experienced issues with their intimate life and did everything to spice it up.

She offers Fiz a rummage in their fancy dress box to help her.

Could Fiz be the blonde lady?

5. Hope finds a dead body

The couple may have more trouble on their hands than expected.

Over the years, Fiz Stape has desperately tried to put her past with John Stape behind her, particularly for the sake of her daughter Hope.

Unfortunately, the release of a book about the criminal brought all her pain back up to the surface.

This ultimately led to the eleven-year-old played by Isabella Flanagan to grow increasingly curious about John Stape.

Hope's behaviour slowly became a cause for concern as a result.

Could her behaviour escalate?

In scenes due to air on our screens, Kirk Sutherland (Andy Whyment) reveals that he and his partner Beth are going on holiday and need someone to look after their pet dachshund, Peanut.

Fiz suggests Hope can do it in return for payment.

Kirk later calls at No.9 and offers Hope £5 to look after Peanut for the night – but she makes him double the cost.

After agreeing to paying her £10, Kirk leaves while Peanut growls at Cilla the chinchilla.

Hope bonded with the animal in recent scenes and Fiz was hopeful it could be a new beginning for her.

The chinchilla was even named after Hope's maternal grandmother.

But in later scenes, Hope is horrified to find the door to Cilla's cage open.

The youngster and Ruby Dobbs search the room… until Hope lets out a scream.

She finds her new pet, Cilla, dead on the carpet while Peanut watches from her basket.

Is all really as it seems?

6. Stephen covers his tracks

Months after murdering Leo Thompkins, Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) struck again and killed the hunk's father Teddy.

The character was getting too close to the truth and it's becoming increasingly hard for Stephen to keep his villainous deeds under wraps.

This week, Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) tells Stephen that she and Michael had their meeting in the factory as planned.

However, she insists that she wouldn’t want Carla Connor (Alison King) to find out and suggests he wipes the CCTV footage.

Stephen’s secretly horrified to realise there will be footage of him attacking Teddy. 

Oblivious to her uncle's turmoil, Sarah tells him how to delete it. 

In later scenes, while in the shop, Stephen tells Elaine Metcalfe (Paula Wilcox) that she should receive his first repayment today and he’d like to buy her dinner as he’s aware he’s neglected her recently.

Viewers will remember Elaine gave Stephen a whopping amount of money to help him.

Carla then orders Stephen to help Kirk out in packing, leaving him fuming.

Stephen comes face to face with an old business associate named Dick Havisham.

When Carla explains that Stephen’s helping out in packing, Stephen’s utterly humiliated.

Could he get revenge and make a third victim?

7. Gemma feels deflated

After setting up an illegal daycare centre in Weatherfield, Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) is slowly caught up by the truth.

At No.5, an upbeat Gemma tells Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) that her first potential client is coming round tomorrow, a lady with two kids, one of them deaf.

In later scenes, she meets India, a potential client, and shows her around No.5.

Unfortunately for Gemma, it’s soon clear that India is not happy with her lack of childcare qualifications.

A despondent Gemma calls at the kebab shop and tells Chesney that her childcare plans are dead in the water as she lacks all the necessary qualifications.

When she explains that she can no longer look after Glory as she’d be breaking the law, Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) suggests they continue on an informal basis.

He insists the authorities would never need to know.

But Gemma may be taking on more than she can as Daniel reveals that he’s looking for a new childminder and Michael recommends her.

Gemma explains that she’s not a qualified childminder but happy to help. 

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Will she get caught?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

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