Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn breaks down in tears over 'hurtful' abuse – but insists she embraces being a 'b***h'

SELLING Sunset's Christine Quinn has admitted she breaks down in tears over "hurtful" online abuse.

She won a villainous reputation on the hit Netflix show with her brutal one-liners, but Christine revealed her softer side as she opened up about the last time she cried.

“People that don’t know me say hurtful things," Christine told The Times.

"I’m just like, ‘Ugh, whatever.’ I don’t know these people.

"But when I hear stuff from other people… That’s upsetting.

"Sometimes, it hurts my feelings. Sometimes, it makes me cry.”

Christine, 31, shot to fame on Selling Sunset – a series following realtors from The Oppenheim Group.

Based on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, it's owned by 43-year-old twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim who are worth a combined £38million.

Christine is one of a seven-strong team of beautiful female realtors making commission on selling multi-million dream houses.

Despite showing her vulnerable side outside of the show, Christine has no plans to tone down her catty remarks on the next series of Selling Sunset.

“That’s what people love about me," she adds.

"But obviously there are different sides to me. On the show, it’s one note. But I’m a multifaceted villain.

“I don’t feel like [b****h] is a bad word. I embrace it.

"It stands for someone who knows what they want and speaks their mind. So many people don’t.

"If I get labelled a bitch because I speak my mind, then yeah, I guess I’m a bitch.”

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