SAS Who Dares Wins instructor Foxy admits next celebrity series may get ‘stick’

An instructor of SAS Who Dares Wins has confessed that the new Celebrity series of the show may receive some criticism from fans, but said the new line-up features some "strong characters".

Jason Fox has featured on the popular Channel 4 programme since 2015, barking instructions at terrified celebrities and civilians as they complete arduous challenges.

Also known as ‘Foxy’, Jason is a former British soldier who reached the rank of Sergeant in the Special Boat Service during his service career.

Last season’s run of Celebrity Who Dares Wins also featured Foxy’s co-star Ant Middleton, who has since been controversially axed over his ‘personal conduct’.

The series was eventually won by Alexandra Burke, Wes Nelson and Aled Davies, who all completed the gruelling selection process.

Now, speaking to Soccer AM producer Tubes on his Golf Life YouTube channel, the soldier turned TV presenter has looked ahead at the new series, set for release in 2022.

"We’ve just done series seven of normal SAS Who Dares Wins, and series four of Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins," he explained.

"We’ve got a few new ones coming up which are good. I think people will give the new celebrity one a bit of stick, because there’s a fair bit of reality TV in there."

And, Foxy even appeared to reveal some of the names fans can expect to feature on the series including an ex-Olympian.

He continued: "They’re good, really good. There’s some strong, strong characters. Callum Best’s on it, Fatima Whitbread – an absolute machine of a lady.

"You’ve got youngsters like Maisie Smith from Eastenders – she’s been on Eastenders since she was six."

The former soldier also shared his opinion on the best guests they had featured on the programme in the past.

"Bridgey [ex-footballer Wayne Bridge] is still for me, the best performing one. He’s got a big-time engine," he confessed.

"There’s been some great people, but Anthea Turner was funny. We gave her a lot of s**t and it was like water off a duck’s back, and actually I really had a lot of respect for her because of it.

Delving further into his background, Jason recalled how he had been struggling financially after leaving the armed forces when he got his lucky break working as a medic for a TV documentary series.

The veteran continued: "I am loving it actually, it’s been mad. It’s definitely something I didn’t look for, but I’ve done it, and loved it, and still loving it, so hopefully it will carry on for a little bit more."

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