Proud to be English Transgendered Vine caller warns wrong to put Britain down

Transgender caller tells Jeremy Vine 'proud to be English'

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A transgendered Jeremy Vine caller Kimberly has said she is “proud to be English” and believed it is wrong to ““put Britain down”. Her words then won applause from Jeremy Vine and panellists after saying she feels most comfortable in her home country. 

Calling on the show, Kimberly said: “I am very proud to be a UK citizen. I am British through and through.

“Now I only speak for myself, I’m a transgender woman.

“I did surgery seven years ago.

“I was lucky enough to have the money to go around the world, and I’ve lived and worked in most of the world as well.”

She continued: “I pine for this country. I love it. Absolutely love.

“I am safe. I’ve never had any real problems being the transgendered woman walking around London, going shopping,  going to the shops.

“Some of the countries I’ve been to-I wouldn’t try even looking at people. I won’t mention the countries.

I love this country and I think putting it down is awful.”

Kimberly went on:  “We’re not perfect. Of course, we’ve got room for improvement.

“I’m proud to be English.”

Jeremy Vine chipped in: “I tell you what, we should do that a round of applause.

“Because you’re really able to test how kind people are, Kimberly, from your own life story.

“And that’s a great thing to say if you ever say that.”

Kimberly replied: “That’s how it is.

“I love my country.”
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