Piers Morgan refuses to apologise for repeating the word 't*t' live on Good Morning Britain as he wishes Line of Duty's Vicky McClure Happy Birthday

PIERS Morgan refused to apologise for repeating the word "t*t" on Good Morning Britain today as he wished Line of Duty's Vicky McClure a Happy Birthday.

Vicky, who plays Kate Flemming in the cop drama, turns 36 today and the show paid homage to her by airing the the now viral clip of her "best ever line" in the show.

Her character hit back at a smug officer after her gaffer Ted Hastings was arrested on suspicion of being H.

Brandyce tried to rub her nose in it by pulling rank but Kate tells her: "It's Michelle isn't it? Listen Michelle, we're AC-12.

"We do this to other units week in, week out so don't try telling me how it works.  We're witnesses not suspects, so stop making a t*t of yourself and p**s off."

The loud mouthed host thought it was hilarious to repeat the word "t*t" on GMB today as bemused Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway stifled their giggles, before he asked: 'What's wrong with saying t*t?'



The 54-year-old host carried on his joke when Kate interrupted and said: "There are lots of t*ts around here".

Susanna replied: "There certainly is."

Piers added: "What if a tit flies into your garden at 06:30am Susanna? There's blue tits, there's grey tits, there's loads of tits!"

Hearing 't*ts' early in the morning made viewers' ears prick up and they logged on to Twitter to thank Piers for his humour.


One said: "OMG you are hilarious I only watch #GMB to see one word tit lol"

Another gasped: "Ooo someone said tit #gmb"

One more said: "What do you call a “Great Tit’ Piers Morgan correct"

And one more joked: "Could name a few tits on #gmb ?"


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On Tuesday, Piers took aim at Met Gala guests and slammed their outfits as they flashed up on screen on GMB.

He asked if Harry Styles is "metrosexual" and said Kim Kardashian's dress looked like "spanks" as he roasted the flamboyant guests.

The former One Direction singer, 25, arrived dressed in high heels and a blouse that revealed his nipples as the fashion industry celebrated its biggest night of the year with a 'camp' theme – to the bemusement of Piers.

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