Outer Banks season 2: Fans expose ‘plot hole’ in Lana and John B’s compass discovery

Outer Banks: Chase Stokes stars in Netflix series

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The first season of new young adult drama Outer Banks captivated Netflix subscribers with an enthralling murder mystery set against a luxurious summer backdrop in North Carolina. Now its second season has officially wrapped up filming, fans are wondering when they’ll get answers to some of the biggest questions raised in the first instalment.

Netflix’s surprise hit Outer Banks still has a major plot hole to explain in its upcoming second season.

When the teen drama first arrived in April last year, viewers were gripped by John B’s (played by Chase Stokes) search for answers about his missing father, known as Big John (Charles Halford).

In the series premiere, John B gets his first clue in the form of a compass his father took with him on his search for buried treasure.

John B and his friend JJ (Rudy Pankow) decide to visit Lana (CC Castillo), the wife of a man named Scooter Grubbs (David Ury) who was killed in a storm in the first episode.

She reveals that Scooter had found the compass and Big John’s remains on a neighbouring island.

As John B and the rest of his group, the Pogues, had found the remains of Scooter’s wreck earlier, it seemed to confirm he was unable to make it home to Lana after making the discovery.

Even so, Lana’s knowledge of the crucial piece of evidence was integral to unravelling the mystery, despite the timeline of events not adding up in the slightest.

This apparent plot hole has been a source of major contention for Outer Banks fans, with many searching for answers online to establish whether or not the narrative actually makes sense.

On Reddit, one fan asked: “How would she know what Scooter found if he never made it back to tell her, and he hadn’t talked to her since before the storm?

“She wouldn’t have known what Scooter found on the island.”

Things got even more complicated when Sheriff Peterkin (Adina Porter), as well as some other, shadier characters, started sniffing around Lana’s house for answers.

Although Scooter was apparently the first person to discover Big John’s compass, they all seemed to be aware of what he had on him when he disappeared.

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The Reddit user continued: “How would any of them have known about the compass?

“As far as anyone knew, Big John was still lost at sea, and his compass would have been worthless anyway.”

Big John’s compass is eventually revealed to contain a clue which could lead to missing treasure, but it still hasn’t been explained why so many people on the island knew about it.

One theory has suggested Scooter had discovered Big John’s body some time before the hurricane struck the island, but had only told his wife Lana.

Entertainment website The Things proposed: “Lana should not have known about John B’s compass but this theory argues that Scooter might have found Big John’s dead body and saw the compass before John B got it.

“He would then have told Lana about finding John B and the compass, explaining how she knew.”

Unfortunately, this theory still leaves viewers with a lot of dots to connect themselves, nor does it explain how Peterkin learned about the compass.

Now a second season is expected to drop at the end of 2021 or the start of 2022, it’s hoped Outer Banks will finally fill in some of the biggest gaps in Big John’s disappearance.

Outer Banks season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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