Outer Banks season 1 recap: What happened in the first season?

Outer Banks: Netflix releases trailer for second season

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Outer Banks season two lands on Netflix on July 30 and viewers are keen to see John B (played by Chase Stokes) and his friends return. The Pogues were last seen in April 2020 when the first season dropped, and a lot has happened since then. Express.co.uk has a roundup of what happened during the debut season of the action-adventure series.

What happened in the first season of Outer Banks?

Outer Banks is based on two opposing social groups known as the Kooks and the Pogues.

John B and his friends are proud Pogues, and they welcomed former Kook Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) as a member of the group.

At the end of the first season, John B found out what really happened to his father, who had been missing for years.

He discovered it was Sarah’s father, Ward (Charles Esten) who had attacked him and left him for dead.

Through flashbacks, fans saw Ward and Big John (Charles Halford) in a tussle over who would get a share of the gold from the Royal Merchant.

John hit his head as he fell and Ward pushed him overboard, believing he was dead.

However, Big John was still alive and was able to leave a crucial clue behind so the truth would one day be revealed.

Ward and his family tried to escape to the Bahamas, but he was intercepted by Sheriff Peterkin (Adina Porter).

She turned up on the runway to arrest Ward, but his unhinged son Rafe (Drew Starkey) shot and killed her.

John B was able to escape but Sarah was apprehended by her brother and taken back home.

Ward tried to convince the police that it was John B who killed the sheriff, making him a fugitive.

Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Topper (Austin North) helped them escape and they attempt to sail away together.

However, they got caught in a storm and were presumed dead, but not before John B told the truth about what Ward did.

Sadly, the police did not believe him and he and Sarah became wanted suspects.

At the very end of the season, the pair were rescued by a crew onboard a boat that was heading for the Bahamas.

As for the other Pogue members, Kiara (Madison Bailey) and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) explored the possibility of a relationship.

This will be explored further in the upcoming season as they did not want to risk losing their valuable friendship.

As for JJ (Rudy Pankow), he decided to change his deviant ways and came to a stark realisation about his future.

The second season picks up directly after the events of season one, with John B and Sarah on the run in the Bahamas.

Ward and his family seem to have been let off the hook, and it is down to the rest of the Pogues to reveal the truth.

Yet more obstacles are thrown in their way as Pope discovers he could play a crucial role in clearing John B’s name.

He faces the wrath of a new antagonist, Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell), who believes he has a key she desperately needs.

She is willing to provide information to free John B, but only if Pope hands her over the key. The only problem is, Pope has no idea what she is talking about.

The series is set in two different locations as John B and Sarah remain in the Bahamas, trying to claim back the gold and find their way home.

Fans are hoping the truth will be revealed and Rafe and Ward will pay for their actions.

Outer Banks season 2 airs on July 30.

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