Only Fools and Horses fan splurges £4,400 for Del Boys Peckham Spring Water

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The filled 12in prop was tipped to make £1,200 but bids poured in and it sold to a private buyer at Ewbank’s auctioneers, in Woking, Surrey. The total amount paid, including fees, was £5,720.

The label on the glass bottle reads: “The purest Peckham spring water, drawn from an ancient natural source discovered by returning Crusaders 800 years ago.”

“The spring is ideally located where prevailing winds and a protected environment together ensure a purity unique among spring waters. Peckham still is a crystal clear spring water, delicious on its own or mixed. The diet conscious will find this pure low sodium spring water irrisistable [sic].”

In the classic episode, a production line is set up in the Trotter family’s flat, with Del filling bottles straight from the kitchen tap. The business goes so well, Peckham Spring is even given a trial by a national supermarket.

Sales are further boosted by drought warnings from the local water board which fears there is a big hidden leak – due to the high volume of water being used by Del Boy.

The Trotters earn enough money for a Christmas holiday at The Grand hotel in Brighton, putting them on the road to Del’s earlier boast to brother Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst) “This time next year we’ll be millionaires!”

In the final scene, as the Trotters fall sleep in their rooms, TV news says Peckham is without water as a reservoir has been contaminated by yellow liquid – dumped by Del.

He turns off the light – and a nearby bottle of Peckham Spring glows yellow, so the water he sold was tainted…

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