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CHANNEL 4's new documentary about the abuse UK police officers face on the job left fans stunned with the police's response to a man suspected of dealing Class A drugs.

The documentary series that is highlighted by first hand accounts, and body cam footage, has left fans in hysterics at a police officer's response to a man suspected of dealing Class A drugs.

Channel 4’s new documentary Night Coppers follows a group of officers "who police Brighton’s hectic nightlife scene.”

Tuesday night's episode saw Sergeant Andy and his partner stumble across a drug incident while on shift.

The police officers had suspected that the man was up to no good and decided to question him and search his car.

"Something's not really adding up," said Sergeant Andy.

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He then asks the man if he has anything in the car, in which the man admitted he had drugs in the car, while the police searched the vehicle.

Sergeant Andy then asks: "What drugs do you have in the car."

The man responds, saying: " For myself by the way,"

Shortly after the police search the car, Class A drugs are found and the man is arrested.

At the end of the episode it was revealed the man suspected of dealing Class A drugs, was sent to a drug awareness course, and viewers found it hilarious.

Many took to social media to express how they felt.

One viewer said: "The guy with suspicion of dealing class A drugs…. attended a drugs awareness course, because I guess his inventory was well out of date and he needed to expand his clientele? I despair."

Another one joked: "I'm sure he's quite aware of drugs at this point. Not sure he needs a course, (laughing emoji)."

"The guy found with cocaine in his car was sent on a drugs awareness course? Seems like a waste of time – from what we’ve seen, he’s very aware of drugs already," another viewer agreed.

Another echoed: "Not sure that doorman needed a drugs awareness course. Seems like he was already pretty aware of them."

With another adding: "Just putting them on drugs awareness course is obviously not working in Brighton."

A fifth commented: "Seems like they’re already well aware of the drugs."

Earlier on in the episode, PC Jess was called to a strip club to deal with an assault case.

You can also catch up with episode one of Night Coppers on 4oD.

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