Nick Knowles leaves family screaming 'you're lying!' as he gives them VERY rude awakening about hoarding problem

NICK KNOWLES left a family of five screaming after he revealed the true extent of their hoarding issue.

Thursday's episode of Channel 5's Nick Knowles' Big House Clearout saw the DIY expert joined by the Oram family as they sought his help with their cluttered home.

Mum Julie admitted she had a bit of a problem when it came to letting go of every little thing from her three daughters' childhoods as well as all her crafting gear.

Meanwhile, dad Trevor had taken over the bedroom with all of his clothes and his desk to work from home.

Nick and the team emptied the whole house and asked the family to get rid of half their stuff in exchange for a home makeover, and they duly obliged.

But not before he showed them the true extent of their cluttered home, by placing every item in a large room for them to get a good look.

The items, which included 100 pairs of shoes, 124 never-before-listened-to records, and more, left virtually no space.

A stunned Trevor said: "Oh wow," adding: "No way, oh no way. How much stuff have we got?"

Julie added: "Look at the CDs," as Nick explained that there were 317 DVDs, 232 CDs, 36 VHS tapes and 146 pieces of plastic cutlery.

In disbelief, Trevor screamed "You're lying!" as Nick continued running through the list of hoarded items.

When it was time for the big reveal of their newly declutted abode, the family were shocked, with Julie absolutely thrilled with her stylishly designed and tidy workspace in the area under the stairs.

Meanwhile, Trevor no longer had to work in the bedroom as the team had turned a small outdoor cupboard into a mini-office.

Nick also told the family that the home had been valued before and after the clearout, and while it was initially worth £140,000, after it's makeover and declutter it had been revalued at between £180,000-200,000

Nick Knowles' Big House Clearout airs Thursdays at 8pm on Channel 5.

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