Netflix’s Seaspiracy: What is the documentary about and when is out?

SUSTAINABLE fishing has an evil dark-side according to Seaspiracy, Netflix's new highly anticipated documentary.

The documentary focuses the fishing industry and corruption inside of it. Over-fishing, which has been a subject of much ecological conservation and business industry conversation is fully followed down the rabbit hole, into the world of crime.

Seaspiracy, directed by Ali Tabrizi, comes to Netflix on Wednesday, March 24.The documentary, which finds a sweet niche between fans of ecological conservation documentaries and those who enjoy shows about true crime.

Over-fishing has been the subject of many documentaries, in part because of people's love of seafood. Lobster, salmon and shrimp are staple on restaurant's menus across the country, but most customers know very little about how those fish end up on their plates.

The documentary, which runs for an hour-and-a-half digs into the expanisve sea of conservation groups, fishing business and customers which makes up the near $10 billion industry.

What's the deal with over-fishing?

Tabrizi interviews multiple people over the course of the documentary, some of whom have quite damning things to say about the industry.

"We are at war with the oceans and, if we win this war, we're going to lose it all because mankind is not able to live on this planet with a dead sea," said one interviewee.

The impact of over-fishing is quite expansive, as almost all the ecosystems in the world are being affected by the industry's current habitats, and as the problem gets worse, all aspects of life as we know it will be affected.

The industry isn't just affecting the oceans however. There are tens of thousands of human deaths every single year because of the current practices.

Via Seaspiracy's Instagram account, the documentary aims to "radically transform the way we think and act on ocean conservation forever. It is time we focus our ecological and ethical concerns on our seas and its inhabitants.”

This ethical concern surrounding the food we eat has become recently popularised, with celebrities such as Zac Efron creating their own shows about their healthy practices.

The documentary, which comes out on Wednesday, March 24 promises to both shock your heart and your stomach.


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