Money Heist season 5 theories: Tokyo narrating story to Axel after promise to Nairobi

Money Heist: Fans believe Tatiana is key in series five events

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Season five of Netflix’s hit Spanish drama Money Heist will, unfortunately, be its final one. After two major heists, a lot of drama, more deaths than anyone can count and quite the successful run, the show is planning on saying goodbye with a bang. Fans are already speculating about what can be expected from the new season, as one of its biggest mysteries will have to be solved. 

Since the very first season, Money Heist has been narrated by Tokyo (played by Úrsula Corberó).

Up until this point, the show never explained who Tokyo is telling the story to or why. 

But since it might be the only thing left to reveal after the story wraps up, it is sure to be significant. 

One fan on Reddit believes they have already figured it out from clues dotted throughout the entire series. 

“I feel like maybe at the end, Tokyo and Rio will be shown as old maybe taking care of Axel,” said user looloo306, Axel being Nairobi’s son who was placed in foster care.

Fans will remember that a child resembling Axel was brought to the Bank of Spain to lure Nairobi to the window where she was shot by the police. 

“Remember from season one in I think it was the second episode when Rio and Berlin were talking and Rio mentioned how he wanted a garden and kids etc with Tokyo,” continued the fan. 

“Then in season 2 when Tokyo was sent out to the police by Berlin, she laughed at Inspector Murillo. Saying something along the lines of ‘do you really see me having kids Inspector?’ or something like that.”

The Money Heist fan shared their hopes for the finale saying: “I like to believe Rio and Tokyo will be in a garden, with Axel as their ‘child’.”

“Remember Nairobi told Tokyo she would be Ibiza’s godmother – obviously Ibiza won’t be happening anymore because Nairobi is dead but she could take up the role of being Axel’s godmother?

“In the garden, the whole narration of the show is obviously Tokyo but could be her telling Axel everything?

“At the end of season 3, Nairobi says ‘tell my son who his mother was’ – she could be fulfilling this?” they theorised. 

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Another character that fans have identified as being crucial in the upcoming season is Tatiana (Diana Gómez), Berlin’s (Pedro Alonso) ex-wife. 

This comes as season five introduces a new character, played by 24-year-old actor Patrick Criado who is rumoured to be Berlin’s son from a previous message. 

Some fans have speculated that Criado’s character is having an affair with Tatiana might be what leads to her divorce from Berlin. 

It seems to be confirmed that the three are connected as they appear in some preview pics together and have been spotted filming scenes together in Denmark. 

Alonso seems to have confirmed some of this theory himself in some Instagram stories from the set he quickly deleted. 

Sharing some of his painting with his fans, he posted one in which Berlin was the subject, surrounded by sentences referring to the show and seemed to tease what his character would be involved in in the next series. 

Not only that but in the upper corner of one of the painting was written: “Cap 501, 1,2,3,29,38.”

Fans took this to reference the scenes in chapter one of series five in which Berlin will appear, making it look like fans will get a good dose of Berlin at the very start of the season.

Other sentences on the painting seemed to tease the theme of parenthood. 

Money Heist Part 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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