Mind-boggling Line of Duty theory claims Carmichael is fourth member of H as fans spot easy-to-miss clue

A MIND-BOGGLING Line of Duty theory claims Patricia Carmichael is the fourth member of H.

The Detective Chief Superintendent – played by Anna Maxwell Martin,returned to the show on Sunday night and caused mayhem at AC-12 by taking over control and pulling their observations of PC Ryan Pilkington.

One of the most intriguing theories surr­ound­ing H is that DS Carmichael might just be the final, fourth villain everyone is looking for.

A number of super-sleuths connected a comment made by Jimmy Lakewell to the police boss to the bigger picture of police corruption.

One viewer took to Twitter to point out that in the interview between crooked lawyer Jimmy and investigative journ­alist Gail (Andi Osho), he told her to: “Look deeper into the race claim.”

Fans took to social media to solve a cryptic code. They removed the letters in'race claim' from the surname Carmichael, and were left with the letter H – hinting that she's corrupt.

One fan wrote: "Lakewell: Look deeper into the race claim.

"Race claim + H rearranged = Carmichael."

Another viewer posted: “We all know Patricia Carmichael is H. Jimmy Lakewell said ‘look beyond the RACE CLAIM to find H’. 

“So take the letters of RACE CLAIM from the letters of CARMICHAEL. What do you get? H. Solved it.” 

This isn't the first time that Carmichael has caused chaos at AC-12.

She previously tried to fit up her old nemesis Supt Ted Hastings by implying that he was H — the ultimate bent copper at Central Police who is in cahoots with the criminals.

In the latest instalment, Hastings was left fuming after huge cuts at AC-12 were put into action, jeapordising their surveiallance operations.

Carmichael's decision to suspend all surveillance ultimately led to DI Kate Fleming finding herself in serious peril.

Kate had organised officers to watch both Acting Detective Superintendent Joanne Davidson and Constable Ryan Pilkington because she had growing suspicions that they're part of the OCG.

Pilkington is now on to her and knows that she's investigating him.

The Constable made SI Davidson organise a meet-up with Fleming in a shady place so that he could kill her.

The end of the episode saw a huge gun showdown, where Pilkington and Fleming both demanded each other drop their guns.

It ended on two gun shots being fired, but viewers will have to wait until next week to find out if anyone was killed.

Line of Duty continues this Sunday on BBC One at 9pm.

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