Michaela Strachan stuns BBC viewers as she asks Chris Packham about penis size

Michaela Strachan left BBC viewers stunned on Thursday night when she asked her Autumnwatch co-host Chris Packham about penis size.

The Really Wild Show icon was presenting a segment on the sex lives of harbour seals and grey seals and went into detail about the size of the males' penises.

She produced two 3D printed models of the aquatic mammals' penis bone to show her point – that size really matters when it comes to harbour seals.

But Michaela soon took the conversation down a more personal route as she asked Chris: "Which would you rather be?

"Would you rather be a grey seal where size doesn't matter or would you rather be a harbour seal – the bigger the better?"

The nature expert could be seen pausing for a second and pondering on his answer before he awkwardly replied.

He said: "Well, I don't think size matters at all, actually. It's what you do with it that counts."

Viewers at home couldn't believe their ears, with one joking: "I think Michaela Strachan's just asked Chris Packham if penis size matters on Autumnwatch, changed a bit since Bill Oddie hasn't it?"

Another said: "Michaela Strachan holding up and comparing the size of seal penis bones on live TV without cracking a smile is one of the best things I have seen in a while."

And a third added: "Michaela Strachan talking about seal penises and asking Chris Packham if he'd rather be a big penis seal or a small penis seal is the content I needed tonight, thank you."

Michaela had been up in the Isle of May in Scotland to witness grey seals giving birth.

She explained that grey seals have smaller penises and compete for the best mating spots, whereas harbour seals are bigger and mate with random females.

Chris previously revealed in 2017 that he and Michaela had been given a telling off by BBC bosses for making the show too smutty with their hilarious innuendos.

But he said: "A lot of the Springwatch's millions of viewers are not hardcore natural history watchers.

"If we didn't entertain them with innuendos, I don't think the programmes would work."

Autumnwatch continues on Tuesday at 8pm on BBC Two

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