Mermaid-themed crazy rich wedding with 6 bridal outfits and giant clam surprise

Rachel has always dreamed of her perfect wedding day – with her as a fairytale princess, marrying her Prince Charming.

The 30-year-old heiress to a beauty empire is tying the knot with her fiance, Ken, and she is determined her nuptuals will be Singapore's wedding of the year.

But mermaid-obsessed Rachel has one rather unusual theme for her wedding day – she wants it to be set underwater.

Her journey to the altar will be shown in Channel 5's My Crazy Rich Asian Wedding at 9pm tonight.

Rachel and financial analyst Ken can't wait to get hitched after falling in love at first sight after being set up by pals.

Ken said: "When I first saw her I felt very excited and after a few dates I realised she was the girl of my dreams."

Rachel added: "I have found my Prince Charming."

The happy couple want a wedding theme that's as special as they are.

Rachel explained: "We wanted something unique for our wedding but also something personal.

"I have always wanted to be a mermaid so I thought why not be one on my wedding day."

The extravagant underwater theme will include a human aquarium, special dance routines, a LOT of costume changes and one very special surprise.

But first, there's the all important business of Rachel's hen do and her bridesmaids have planned something very different.

The bride-to-be thinks she's being taken for a swanky dinner at Singapore's finest restaurant.

Her bridesmaids have other plans – a mermaid-themed event with a real life mermaid.

Rachel is whisked in secret to the bash where she meets Serena the mermaid and changes into her mermaid costume, although with her bride squad.

There's even a hen do papparazzi team on hand to capture all the important moments of the hen do.

Jean, Rachel's mother and very much the matriarch of the family, has been involved in planning her daughter's big day right from the start.

And meetings with the wedding planner who will create Rachel's fantasy big day and dress shopping are some of the most important points of business.

For one of Rachel's SIX outfits for her wedding, she has chosen a stunning white princess gown, fitted with 6,000 Swarovski crystals, to walk down the aisle.

Although her mum isn't sure there's quite enough bling in the dress.

She says: "It's so beautiful. In my dreams, it's what I wanted."

But she still insists on more crystals for her daughter's huge train.

And the bling doesn't stop there – just a few weeks before the wedding, Rachel jets from her home in Singapore to London for her wedding diamonds.

Jean explains: "In Asian culture it's important for us to give diamonds to our daughters so they will have a blissful marriage and know they are from their parents."

Rachel's stunning £600,000 diamond necklace and earring set, paid for by her mother, will be a key part of her wedding outfit.

Then the big day is finally here – but why have just one wedding day with you're this loaded, make it two.

Ken and Rachel's first wedding day is a traditional Chinese marriage.

First Ken has to complete a challenge – set by Rachel's bridesmaids – so he can reach his bride.

The bride squad challenge him and his stags to pass a banana between them until only a small piece is left.

Ken succeeds and is allowed to go and meet his bride, who looks stunning in traditional Chinese wedding dress.

Rachel says: "When Ken comes to my door I will have butterflies in my stomach. I'm so excited to see him."

The wedding day is a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

The bride and groom serve tea to Rachel's parents, Jean and Mervin, and this is the moment Ken officially becomes part of their family.

But this is a crazy rich Asian wedding, so it isn't a simple cup of tea.

There is a suckling pig, private caterers and a 100 of Ken and Rachel's friends and family.

Rachel is also given diamond, ruby and sapphire jewellery while Ken receives a £5,000 watch.

The following day it's time for the underwater extravaganza.

The wedding planners have worked through the night to transform the 5 star hotel into a sea-themed wonderland complete with 8,000 flowers and the all important giant clamshell.

Meanwhile, Rachel is being transformed into the princess bride of her dreams.

The bride squad have enlisted the services of 13 make-up artists to ensure they look their best.

Rachel says: "I want to look like a princess and a royal.

"I feel so blessed and fortunate that I'm going to marry Ken."

No ordinary church for Singapore's finest couple, Ken and Rachel are marrying at the stunning St Theresa's, which is one of the most sought after.

Finally at their wedding venue, and after Rachel's first change of the day into a shimmering silver dress, it's time for the big clam reveal.

When all the guests are ready, the huge clam slowly opens – and inside is the mermaid bride.

Rachel is helped out of the clam by her groom prince, Ken, and everyone is thrilled.

One of the guests said: "Her entrance was epic, when she came out of the clam it was a piece of pure theatre."

Rachel is now back in her original dress in her second costume change of the day for the meal, which is obviosuly seafood.

And the clam isn't the only surprise, Rachel's dad Mervin delivers his father-of-the-bride speech dressed as Neptune.

Touchingly he says: "When I first met Ken I knew he was the right one.

"We have something in common, we both have great taste when it comes to choosing a wife."

Rachel switches her outfit up yet again for the traditional Chinese wedding toast but she's not dressed like that for long.

In a ballet tutu, she and Ken sashay around the tables in their first dance as a married couple.

Then Rachel and her bridesmaids show off their Britany Spears moves in a cheeky dance off with Ken and his groomsmen.

Finally, Rachel has her final costume change of the day – back into her silver, shimmery number.

But has the wedding lived up to the couple's expectations for a crazy, rich Asian wedding?

Rachel says: "I'm so grateful to my mum for all the effort she has gone to.

"All the money spent was definitely worth it – it's been the wedding of the year."

Groom Ken goes one better. He says: "It's been the wedding of the century."

  • My Crazy Rich Asian Wedding is on Channel 5 at 9pm tonight.

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