Lucifer season 5: Deckerstar ‘I love you’ row to be resolved ‘quickly’ as new clues emerge

Lucifer stars reflect on show during last day of filming

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Deckerstar finally became official in the first half of Lucifer’s exhilarating fifth season. However, Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German) will still be ironing their new relationship out when the series returns to Netflix next month. Inside details finally have the scoop on when their last conversation will get resolved in part two.

‘Lucifans’ won’t have long to wait before Lucifer finally tells Chloe he loves her in the highly anticipated backend of season five.

The wildly successful fantasy drama left its latest instalment on a number of major cliffhangers, not least of which was the long awaited arrival of God (Dennis Haysbert).

However, the show’s more romantically inclined fans were more concerned by Lucifer’s last distressing conversation with his partner before things turned Biblical in the midseason finale.

Having finally admitted their feelings for each other, Lucifer was still struggling to tell Chloe he loved her, despite saying as much in the finale for season four.

Fans practically leapt out of their seats when Lucifer used Chloe’s real name for the first time, but he seemed physically unable to take their relationship to the next verbal step.

Thankfully, insider details from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich have assured viewers they won’t have too long to wait before Deckerstar resolve the issue.

In his latest spoilerific TV lineup, Mitovich revealed: “The DNR (Do Not Reveal) list for the Season 5B screeners is pretty extensive.

“But I am confident that I can say that while you will have to wait for the resolution to their time-stopped conversation about the L-word, you won’t have to wait very long.”

Lucifer’s second half of its fifth season won’t be released until the end of May, but certain superfans have managed to get their hands on the upcoming episodes.

While Mitovich was unable to confirm which episode would feature Lucifer and Chloe’s next big chat, it seems it could occur as early as episode 10 or 11.

As Lucifer and the gang will be putting their best foot forward in episode 10’s musical special, the devil could finally utter the dreaded L-word in 511, ‘Resting Devil Face’.

TVLine’s latest scoops were also able to confirm some more details about Dan Espinoza’s (Kevin Alejandro) season five showcase, ‘Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid’.

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The new spoilers implied Dan and God will finally have a sit-down chat about ‘Detective Douche’s relationship with God’s ex-wife, Goddess, aka Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer).

They explained: “The ‘Doucifer’ dynamic is pointedly explored in the fourth episode of 5B, which I have to say is one of the wilder rides TV has taken me on.

“But what you should really be wondering about is how Dan gets along with God, given what (or who) they have in common.”

While God is speculated to be more or less a benevolent presence in Lucifer 5b, he may have some heated words for Dan when he discovers what his ex has been up to on Earth.

This could lead to some disastrous consequences for Dan’s dynamic with the newly revealed celestials, as he still blames himself for Charlotte’s death.

With just over a month still to wait for Lucifer’s return, it won’t be long until all these questions and more will finally be answered.

After that, it will soon be time to say goodbye to the Netflix sensation altogether, as filming has finally wrapped up on Lucifer’s sixth and final season.

Lucifer season 5, part 2 premieres Friday, May 28 on Netflix.

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