'LPBW': Fans Think Amy Roloff's Home and Kitchen Is a Complete Mess

Fans of Little People, Big World love Amy Roloff. While she was linked to her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, for decades, the couple divorced years ago and have since gone their separate ways. And now that Amy has some more time on her hands after moving off of Roloff Farms, she’s posting plenty of cooking content for her followers.

Unfortunately, it seems fans can’t get over Amy’s messy house and kitchen. Here’s what they noticed.

Amy Roloff loves to cook and shares her recipes and products with fans

Amy has a passion for cooking, and she loves to share her recipes and products with her fans via Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen. According to In Touch Weekly, Amy launched her business back in 2016, and it started as an online bakery. She’s since expanded her offerings, as she now has cute merchandise as well as baked goods.

Amy shares her favorite recipes as well. On her website, fans have access to recipes for dinner, side dishes, and desserts. And during quarantine, Amy’s also taken to filming herself making some of her favorite dishes. On Aug. 11, 2020, Amy shared a video showing her making one of her favorites from her first cookbook — lemon scones with blackberry jam. And fans loved it.

“Hey Food TV! You need to call Amy Roloff for a celebrity cross over cooking show!!!” a fan commented on Instagram.

“You should pitch a cooking show for the Food Network,” another commented on a video of Amy making a shrimp and quinoa dish. “I think it would be a hit plus what an inspiration for people to watch you work all your delicious recipes in front of there eyes.”

‘Little People, Big World’ fans have slammed Amy for being unsanitary when cooking

While Amy has plenty of fans who support her, others aren’t so sure about some of the videos she’s posted to Instagram. It seems Amy has a habit of licking her fingers after tasting her food — and many have called out the habit.

On July 10, Amy posted a video showing off her cooking skills with her friend, Lisa. While the two ladies loved having each other around while cooking up broccoli and ricotta cheese crostini, fans took to the comments to point out the finger-licking.

“Just wish Amy wouldn’t constantly lick her fingers when she’s dealing with food then touching everything around her yuk,” a fan commented. “Especially in the situation we are in at the moment with COVID-19.”

“Amy please stop licking your fingers and not washing before you touch something,” another wrote. “Know its a habit we all do but please not on a video everyone seeing.”

Fans are also upset with how Amy’s house and kitchen look

It seems it’s not just the finger-licking that has fans upset. Some LPBW viewers took to Reddit to talk about the mess Amy has around when showing off her home or kitchen.

“I understand they had a big family but was always surprised at the condition of the house,” a Reddit user noted. “Now, she touts herself as some phenomenal cook and I just don’t buy it. She could barely keep up her home yet now is some kitchen guru.”

“Keeping a clean house and cooking are two different skill sets. I think she is probably a good home cook,” another noted.

“The state of the house during the early episodes is just atrocious. I get anxiety just seeing the crap strewn all over the place,” another added. “Furthermore, Matt left Amy to do all the housework and expected her to raise and discipline the kids while he got to be the ‘fun’ parent.”

Now that Amy has a place to herself with her fiancé, Chris Marek, and no young kids to care for, we imagine she has more time and energy to commit to keeping the house tidy. Either way, we’re wishing her success with Amy’s Little Kitchen.

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