Love Island's Faye swears at Chloe in screaming match as their secret feud reaches boiling point

LOVE Island's Faye Winter swore at Chloe Burrows in a screaming match tonight as their secret feud reached boiling point.

The pair rowed after Chloe snogged Kaz's partner Toby in the Line of Booty challenge.

Chloe heard Faye talking about the explosive kiss with Rachel as the news that Toby's head had been turned rippled through the villa.

The 25-year-old stood up and said: "I can't be arsed with this drama. Oh dear."

But Faye screamed back: "Don't 'oh f***ing dear'. Just shut up and stop f***ing looking over here."

Chloe refused and yelled: "Why are you telling me to shut up?!"

But Faye shouted: "Stop being nosy and stay over there and have your wine!"

Chloe later turned around to new girls Millie and Lucinda and said "F*** me" admitting she was "fuming" with the situation.

Fans rushed to Twitter and claimed Faye had been "dying to have a go at Chloe" as their secret feud kicked off days before.

When bombshell Chloe entered the villa, Faye was coupled up with Brad – and Chloe soon set her sights on him.

It led to Brad admitting he had no interest in Faye and quickly cracked on with Chloe.

Unluckily, Chloe soon lost interest in Brad because he failed to ask her any questions about herself.

Meanwhile, Chloe pulled Kaz for a chat tonight with fashion blogger Kaz telling the blonde she felt the snog was "snaky and sneaky".

Speaking in the Beach Hut afterwards, Chloe admitted: "Yeah what I've done is not great. But it's not the end of the world.

"I felt bad, but you have to remember what we're here for."

However, Toby later broke the news to Kaz that he wanted to pursue Chloe.

He said: "The only person I ever spoke to in here was you I didn't try to get to know anyone else, so it's for me to see how that is.

"I want to get to know here and what she's about.

"For me she intrigues me. I don't know where to go, because I enjoy me and you.

"But the progression is so slow but I think that's really on my part, and I can't think of why."

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Kaz replied: "OK. At the end of the day your main point is there's something stopping you when it comes to us and you want to get to know Chloe."

Hiding her heartache, she added: "It is what it is."

Later, Toby said in the Beach Hut: "She took it really well, she took it too well. I do feel guilty."

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