Love Island's Ched reveals he 'did hand stuff' with Jess as the boys introduce him to Breakfast Club

LOVE Island's Ched has revealed he 'did hand stuff' with Jess as the boys introduced him to Breakfast Club.

The male Islanders have came up with a code to use each morning to discuss what they've got up to under the covers with their respective partners.

However, they have had to describe the code to each new member – defeating the point of the code in the process – and Friday night's episode saw Ched welcomed into the club.

Taking him to one side, Mike, Finn and Luke T explained the code.

Mike said: "There are certain words that are code words that we use for certain activities.

"So for example if it got a bit frisky in bed one might call it, we say tomato.

"Tomato signifies that you were the one that was being a bit frisky. And for the girls its tomata."

Luke then asked: "So Ched, what do you fancy for breakfast this morning?"

Ched laughed and rubbed his head and replied: "Little bit of tomato."

Luke replied: "Nice? taste nice?" and Ched said "Yeah".

In the Beach Hut, Luke T explained: "It's a nice way to share our activities really without feeling uncomfortable and without being rude."

His revelation comes after fans begged bosses to ban Ched and Jess from the Hideaway after their slurping kisses.

One viewer tweeted: "I'm begging love island producers DO NOT put Ched and Jess in the hideaway."

Another wrote: "They should never give this hideaway room to Jess and Bro Ched!"

A third joked: "Ched and Jess for hideaway!! Full porn!!"

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