Love Island fans horrified as Jake pervs over bombshell Abigail's size 3 feet after boasting about fetish

LOVE Island fans were left horrified last night as foot lover Jake started eyeing up new bombshell Abigail’s size three trotters.

The self-confessed fetishist was sitting with the tattooed beauty when she pointed out the inking on her toes – revealing they said ‘sink or swim’.

Spotting Jake’s eyes widening, she teased: "Don't you look at those!"

He replied: "I know a good foot when I see one."

The water engineer continued:  "You've got nice feet, I don't know why you getting all nervous about it.

"I like feet, what size feet you got?"

When she revealed they were a tiny size three, he grinned, saying: “ I love little feet”.

You've got nice feet!

Those watching at home were left cringing on their sofas and took to Twitter to discuss it.

One user wrote: “Not Jake grafting already he makes me sick. Also "What size feet are you" and getting happy because she has small feet. YOU ARE A DEVIANT  #LoveIsland

 A second remarked: “Jake leave that poor girls feet alone #loveisland.”

While a third added:  “Jake's obsession with tiny feet is very disturbing. Like excuse me? #LoveIsland”

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Jake is coupled up with Liberty and has been since the start of the show. 

Before he entered the villa, Jake was very open about his tootsie appreciation – saying:  "I like sucking toes."

He added: "My type, all I ask for, is blonde, blue eyes, little feet – cos I have a massive foot fetish."

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