Love Island 2021 latest – Fans convinced Faye is in a secret feud after boys pick Chloe as most attractive

LOVE Island fans are convinced Faye Winter is in a secret feud with Chloe Burrows after the boys picked Chloe as the most attractive.

The Islanders divulged personal secrets during a game of Knowing Me, Knowing You on last night's show.

Chloe was named as the girl all the boys would like to couple up with if they couldn't have their current partner.

Fans couldn't help but notice Faye was particularly annoyed at the revelation.

This wasn't the only clue, as viewers suggest there's jealousy, shady jokes and a big competition between the pair.

With the two new bombshells Lucinda Strafford and Millie Court entering the villa, will the alleged rivalry heat up? And can you spot all the clues?

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  • Tom Capon


    Brad's head isn't so much being turned as being moved by the entire group of boys right there.

  • Tom Capon


    The two new bombshells appear to have blown the girls out of the water.

    Faye's face was not one of a confident woman.

  • Tom Capon


    Jake had a lot of positive things to say about those girls… a lot of positive things.

    Could ANOTHER relationship be at threat?

  • Tom Capon


    Lucinda likes Brad, Toby and Aaron – but also Hugo. Maybe it’s up to the PE teacher to save these flagging relationships from scoring some own goals.

  • Tom Capon


    While the rest of the nation panics about extra time or penalties, we have a different, but equally valid stress: will heads be turned tonight?

    It's looking like Brad and Rachel are on thin ice.

    More surprisingly, so are Aaron and Sharon – could the bombshells be the end of this early couple?

  • Tom Capon


    Aaron says: “Personally, I do prefer someone a lot more chilled. We get on really well, that’s pretty clear. But I do feel like there were a few red flags about.

    "Can I see this working long-term? I’m not really sure. I didn’t want to continue it.”

    Seeking clarity, Sharon asks: “You didn’t? Or you don’t?”

    Is Aaron ready to call time on his and Sharon’s coupling?

  • Tom Capon


    LOVE Island's Aaron Francis could call it quits with Sharon Gaffka tonight during a tense heart to heart.

    The couple are one of the only pairings to have really hit it off, but Aaron didn't like what he saw when Sharon and Faye Winter teamed up on Hugo Hammond last night.

    PE teacher Hugo said he didn't like "fake" girls and received a harsh backlash from the the pair which left him in tears.

    Tonight Aaron asks Sharon for a chat by the fire pit and raises some concerns.

    He says: “I wanted to chat to you yesterday. After yesterday, I didn’t really like the way you reacted to everything.”

    Sharon responds: “From my perspective, you weren’t in the conversation. So when I was talking to him I wasn’t yelling.”

  • Tom Capon


    Love Island was bumped from its usual 9pm slot into a 10pm one thanks to the Euros.

    But the long wait is over – and this episode appears to be full of tears and head turning like you wouldn't believe.

    Aaron on a date with the bombshells, Rachel in floods of tears as Brad cracks on with them…

    Love Island is coming home!

  • Tom Capon


    LOVE Island fans are stunned by how similar bombshell Millie Court looks to a Towie cast member – but did you spot it too?

    The blonde bombshell, 24, entered the villa alongside Lucinda Strafford last night.

    And it didn't take long for viewers of the show to point out the uncanny resemblance between the fashion buyer's administrator and another ITV reality star.

    Have you guessed it yet?

    It's none other that Amber Turner.

    Both Millie and Amber have lush blonde hair, big blue eyes, flawless skin and a great sense of style.

  • Tom Capon


    HUGO Hammond's family have thanked Love Island fans for their support after he broke down in tears in the villa.

    The 22-year-old PE teacher came under fire from some of his fellow Islanders after he said he wasn't attracted to "fake" girls during a challenge.

    Sharon Gaffka and Faye Winter, who both confessed to having cosmetic surgery before entering the villa, slammed Hugo for his comments – making him cry.

    But viewers at home were largely in support of the star, and flocked to social media to accuse the girls of "ganging up".

    Taking to Hugo's Instagram page, which is being run by his loved ones while he's on Love Island, his family shared a photo of the Islander flashing a peace sign.

    They captioned the post: "All peace & love ❤️ Thank you for the support x"

  • Tom Capon


    Civil servant Sharon lashed out at Hugo on the day beds and he eventually cracked.

    She said: "I get it if you're not into fake stuff that's fine but you don't know the reasons we've had done."

    He replied: "Yeah I didn't mean it as a personal barrage which I know it has come across like that I am sorry."

    "I'm sorry I probably got caught up in the game as well."

    But Sharon continued to push him, saying: "There's not a lot you can do as well you've said your sorry it's fine."

    And choking up, Hugo said: "No I feel like I've let yo down, this is f**king bulls**t," before walking off in tears.

  • Tom Capon


    That row saw several of the girls take issue with him using the word fake and at one point Hugo was seen breaking down in tears of frustration.

    He said: “I just didn’t mean to upset anyone, that’s the last thing I wanted.”

    People at home were left shocked when Faye shouted, "I don't care if he's f*g crying" as the boys were left to comfort Hugo.

    They reacted in their droves on Twitter, as one fan tweeted: "Sorry cause Hugo don’t like fakes girls there no need to gang up on him everyone has a opinion"

    Another said: "I’m sorry but the attitude absolutely reeks of bully’s – liberty is the only nice one. everyone was protecting kaz saying she needs to be protected yet bully’s hugo and embarrassed him and HELPED into making him cry how manipulative"

    As one more person Tweeted: "completely agree but they don’t need to gang up on him – talk to him? tell him where he went wrong? if he needs to be educated, bloody educate him lol. silly girls acting like high school bullies"

  • Tom Capon


    LOVE Island's Faye Winter and Sharon Gaffka were accused of "bullying" Hugo Hammond tonight in the first row of the series.

    Tensions were rising during a game where the couples were tested on how much they know one another.

    The PE teacher said he wasn't a fan of "fake personality and looks" referring to women who've had plastic surgery.

    The comments riled Faye, who earlier said she'd had her lips and boobs done and botox injections.

    Hugo said it was his biggest turn off, saying his perfect type is: “Leggy blonde. Not fake.”

  • Tom Capon


    LOVE Island stunning new arrival Lucinda Strafford secretly has the same name as Coronation Street's roll merchant, it has been revealed.

    The 21-year-old Brighton blonde has the middle name Roy according to official documents.

    The name Lucinda Frances Roy Strafford appears on particulars for her company The Luxe Range, of which she is a director.

    The clothing firm sells all sorts of sexy outfits and is often promoted on her Instagram page where she has a staggering 119,000 followers.

  • Tom Capon


    THE Islanders were forced out of the filming area today as the villa underwent a deep clean after an intruder broke into their home.

    The YouTuber was removed by security before he came into contact with any of the Islanders, but the programme’s strict Covid guideline meant the place had to be sanitized before it could be used again.

    A Love Island spokesman said: "Last night a security breach was identified and an intruder was removed from the villa with immediate effect.

    "The safety of both our islanders and our production crew remains our primary concern.

    "As part of our stringent Covid safety measures, the villa area that was trespassed has been fully deep cleaned before being made accessible again to the islanders and crew."

  • Tom Capon


    Attentive fans flocked to Twitter as they recalled he'd used both lines on both Chloe and Rachel previously – telling each woman that they were "more his type" than the other Islanders – and "the first" he'd felt an attraction towards.

    One wrote: "At this point Brad is recycling the same lines to every new girl that comes in."

    Another pointed out: "Brad dropping that same 'first time' line with every girl no variety to his game".

    One more echoed: "Not brad using the same line on Chloe, Rachel and now Lucinda…. And it’s essentially him saying 'FINALLY I fancy u x because the other girls aren’t for me x' ew".

  • Tom Capon


    The 26-year-old labourer was quickly taken by blonde beauties Lucinda Strafford, and Millie Court – and viewers picked up on something oddly familiar when he started to make his move.

    Lucinda, 21, asked the visibly giddy boys if they were settled with their partners shortly after her arrival, with Brad throwing his hand in the air and exclaiming: "I'm not!"

    Downplaying his partnership with Rachel, he went on: "I've only know the lass for two days, you're more my type" before becoming lost for words.

    And in a preview for tonight's episode of the show, he tells the blonde beauty over a dinner date: "For the first time, I've literally been like: 'Jesus Christ, I'd be buzzing to get into bed with her."

  • Tom Capon


    LOVE Island fans have spotted that Brad McClelland has used the same chat-up line to woo THREE different girls in the villa.

    The ITV2 dating show only kicked off last week, but the Islanders have already been seen jumping from partner to partner in a bid to find the one.

    Brad started the series coupled up with Faye Winter before snubbing her for Chloe Burrows.

    He was left single at the last recoupling, with Chloe opting for a friendship couple with Hugo Hammond instead, and had to graft to woo new girl Rachel Finni and secure his spot in the villa.

    He was successful winning her over, which saw Chuggs Wallis get dumped from the Island instead of him, but just days later his head has already been turned by the arrival of two new bombshells.

  • Tom Capon


    LOVE Island fans slammed Chloe Burrows as a "hypocrite" for acting shocked when it was revealed Liam Reardon is a "homewrecker".

    The 25-year-old boasted about her relationship with a married man before going into the villa – and admitted she “still drunks calls him” despite knowing he has a family.

    But when Faye told her what Liam had said about his own dating history, Chloe pretended like she was offended.

    Liam admitted: "I text women who are in relationships."

    Faye branded him a "snake" and told all the girls, with Chloe piping up: "Who does he think he is?"

    Her comment didn't go unnoticed by viewers, with one saying: "Not Chloe the homewrecker acting like she's disgusted that Liam would go for someone in a relationship."

  • Tom Capon


    LOVE Island viewers were left baffled last night after Faye Winter revealed her favourite sex position.

    The Islanders got to know each other more intimately during saucy game knowing me, knowing you.

    They had to guess each other's favourite sex positions and turn-ons, and there were some revelatory answers.

    Estate agent Faye admitted she's a big fan of the "eagle with a broken wing".

    But the position, where one person lies on their back with one leg down and one up in the air, left viewers scratching their heads.

    One wrote on Twitter: "Eagle with a broken wing??? What is that #Loveisland."

    Another posted: "Eagle with a huh???? #loveIsland."

  • Tom Capon


    Hugo replied: "I can't comprehend how tough that must have been so, again, for that I'm completely sorry for using the word in a way which really hurts you."

    Viewers felt he had nothing to apologise for and fought his corner.

    One wrote: "Hugo grew up with a literal disability and yet Faye’s parents having to buy her a boob job was such a hardship on her #LoveIsland."

    A second posted: "hugo having literally grown up with a disability vs faye explaining how her life was s**t because she was flat-chested as a teenager and got a birthday boob job #LoveIsland."

    Prior to entering the villa, Hugo said of his condition: “I was born with club foot. I had lots of operations when I was a kid.

    "You can only really tell when I walk barefoot. I’ve got a really short achilles heel. I walk slightly on my tiptoes.”

  • Tom Capon


    LOVE Island viewers were furious last night as Faye Winter sobbed over growing up with small boobs while ignoring Hugo Hammond's physical disability.

    The estate agent relived her hardship as a teen in an emotional chat in the villa – but fans of the show struggled to find much sympathy.

    PE teacher Hugo grew up with a club foot but is yet to mention it.

    And he continued to keep it to himself during a tense chat with Faye after he was called out for saying he wasn't attracted to "fake" women.

    Faye said: "My mum and dad didn't watch me cry every single day from the age of 13 to 18 because I was under developed to then at 18 buy their daughter a boob job for her 18th birthday because I was so upset about it for such a long time."

  • Tom Capon


    KATIE Price has backed Love Island's Hugo Hammond in the show's plastic-surgery row, shouting at the telly: "Get over it, girls".

    The 43-year-old star is no stranger to going under the knife, and is currently recovering from her latest procedures – including full-body liposuction.

    But she was firmly on the 22-year-old teacher's side during last night's bust-up.

    Filming the ITV2 dating show on her Instagram Story as it played on the telly, Katie shouted: "Get over it, girls.

    "Some guys don't like the fake look, they like the girl-next-door.

    "If you can't handle the criticism, don't get the work done."

    Further bringing home her point, the former glamour model added the caption: "Get over it."

  • Tom Capon


    LOVE Island fans are convinced there’s a "secret feud" going on between two Islanders – despite an argument NEVER being shown on-screen.

    Chloe Burrows was last night named as the girl all the boys would like to couple up with if they couldn't have their current partner.

    And Faye Winter looked particularly annoyed about the revelation.

    It's the latest clue that the girls are not getting on behind the scenes as they compete to win the reality show.

  • Tom Capon


    TikTok sees users recycle popular sounds and lip-sync along to them as though it is their own.

    The original clip of Harvey's comment has gathered up thousands of video uses since the documentary's release.

    A remixed version that blends his remark with the intro of December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) has been used by TikTok fans 11,300 times.

    Love Island viewers were quick to pick up on Hugo's apparent reference, and flocked to social media to share their reaction.

    One fan tweeted: "As if Hugo just threw in a Harvey Price impression".

    Another added: "Hugo quoting Harvey Price is pure magic".

    A third joked: "My man Hugo is more knackered then Harvey Price!"

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