Lorraine Kelly tells Harry and Meghan ‘enough already’ in Netflix rant

Lorraine says 'enough is enough' with Harry and Meghan

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The presenter gave her view on Netflix series, Harry & Meghan during Tuesday’s Lorraine, where she demanded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stop speaking out about the Royal Family. She argued they need to “move on” and stop “talking about their family”.

As the journalist chatted to entertainment correspondent Ross King, she made her views clear.

The 63-year-old suggested the royal couple focus on “their own lives” when the docuseries comes to an end.

After Ross questioned what it was the Sussexes are hoping to achieve, Lorraine agreed: “I think everybody’s in two minds.

“I honestly, genuinely wish them all the best, but I think this has got to stop.

“Once this comes out on Thursday, once the book has come out, they can’t just keep talking about their family.

“They’ve got to then build their life. As you said, what is it they want to do for themselves and for their kids?

“For goodness’ sake, they’ve got two gorgeous, healthy children, they love each other very much, got a beautiful big house… it’s like enough already – enough, enough, enough.”

Last week’s instalments saw Meghan and Harry exploring the “racist undertones” they faced after announcing their romance.

The final half of the series will land on Netflix on Thursday, and it seems some explosive claims will be made.

One line from Prince Harry in the new trailer has left viewers eager to know more.

Although it’s unclear who he is talking about, he states: “They were happy to lie to protect my brother, but never willing to tell the truth to protect us.”

Lorraine also aired a different view on the Sussexes during Monday’s ITV show.

Amid speculation about whether or not the pair will attend King Charles’ coronation next year, Lorraine argued it would be “wrong” if they didn’t attend but Prince Andrew did.

In a conversation with Russell Myers, she asked: “Should they or shouldn’t they attend the coronation?

“A lot of people saying they shouldn’t but come on, if Prince Andrew is gonna be there…

“If dodgy heads of state, and you know how dodgy they are, if they’re gonna be there at the coronation – of course, they should be there. Surely?”

Russell responded: “It will be an interesting one to see if they do turn up.”

“They should definitely get invited,” Lorraine continued.

Lorraine airs on weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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