Location, Location, Location viewers amazed houses in London used to cost £100k

Viewers of Location, Location, Location: 20 Years and Counting were left shocked looking back at clips from past episodes when properties around Central London could be bought for £100,000. 

While you pretty much have to be a millionaire to be able to afford even a studio flat in certain parts of Central London these day, buyers were able to get much better deals 20 years ago. 

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer looked back at classic clips from years past, but the one that stuck out most to viewers was a first time buyer who managed to find a house in Stoke Newington for a £100,000 budget. 

They took to Twitter to voice their shock at the low prices, posting: ‘LOL at the first time buyer renting a flat in Islington, who “never would’ve thought of Stoke Newington” and finds a spacious one bed to buy in Prince George’s Road for £103K 20 years ago in the anniversary show of #LocationLocationLocation and their first homehunter ever shown.’

Others added: ‘Watching #LocationLocationLocation 20 Years On. It’s the year 2000 (obvs) and there’s a woman buying a flat in central London for £100k.

‘You’d need that for a deposit now. If I hear one more person say millenials spend all of their money on avocados I’ll scream. #c4locations’. 

With house prices rising stratospherically in the past two decades, many were wishing you could still get as much for your money as back then: ‘Behind the location, location, location episode from 20 years ago with early 00s house prices in East London barely reaching 6 figures, millennials are weeping #channel4 #location’. 

Similar one-bedroom properties in Stoke Newington would now set you back around £500,000, with prices in the area now being five times more expensive than they were 20 years ago. 

While first time buyers are now mostly priced out of Central London, viewers still enjoyed looking back at what they could have afforded two decades earlier.  

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