Line of Duty fans horrified as bent copper tries to kill Gill Biggeloe with a knife in shock scenes

LINE Of Duty fans were horrified this evening as Gill Biggeloe almost got murdered by a bent copper who pulled a knife on her.

After Gill (Polly Walker) is uncovered as one of the top dogs behind the OCG and as she's arrested, she is escorted to the toilet by a policewoman who had been working with Carmichael, who turns out to be dodgy as well.

As Gill emerges from the cubicle the copper whips out a knife and tries to kill Gill – but the blade goes through her hand.

DS Steve Arnott storms the toilet and shots the bent copper who had clearly been given orders to silence Gill after she was arrested.

Viewers were caught off guard by the scene, which came out of the blue after an hour of interrogation.

Expressing their shock one person wrote: "WTFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A second added: "Woah woah woah. This is a finale that keeps on giving. Jesus Christ, fella"

While a third remarked: " bloody hell! Heart attack"

In a huge and unexpected twist during tonight’s nail-biting finale we learnt that cop lawyer Gill Biggeloe had been working alongside Dot Cottan and ACC Hilton (who were brought down in previous series) but the fourth member is still unknown.

In dramatic scenes viewers discovered that Gill had been the one to frame anti-corruption unit AC-12’s boss, Supt. Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), who spent most of the episode frantically trying to clear his name.

It emerges that Gill Biggeloe had in fact picked John Corbett to go undercover and had told him that Ted was the policeman working closely with his mum before she was brutally murdered – knowing full well that Corbett would do everything in his power to bring Ted down.

John – who got his throat slit earlier on the series – believed Ted was ‘H’ because of Gill’s information but he had died in vain searching for the wrong person.

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